The Tathams of County Durham
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         Description: other than by marriage

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# Old_Name New_Name Date Tree Person ID Living
1 Ion Tatham  Ion Turner  abt 1847  Tatham  I4815 
2 Hannah Bean  Hannah Gow-Steuart  aft 1861  Tatham  I3969 
3 Florence Amelia Steuart Gow  Florence Amelia Steuart Gow-Steuart  aft 1861  Tatham  I3966 
4 James Gow  James Gow Steuart  aft 1861  Tatham  I3970 
5 Julia Annie Wheeler  Julia Annie Tatham  1863  Tatham  I3156 
6 Emma Wheeler  Emma Mary Tatham  1863  Tatham  I2166 
7 Helen Wheeler  Helen Tatham  1863  Tatham  I2180 
8 Mary Dora Wheeler  Mary Dora Tatham  1863  Tatham  I2182 
9 Eliza Philippa Wheeler  Eliza Philippa Tatham  1863  Tatham  I3522 
10 Maria Louisa Wheeler  Maria Louise Tatham  1863  Tatham  I3523 
11 Georgina Wheeler  Georgina Tatham  1863  Tatham  I3578 
12 Herbert Wheeler  Herbert Tatham  1863  Tatham  I3582 
13 Frederick Edmund Wheeler  Frederick Edmund Tatham  1864  Tatham  I1843 
14 Samuel William Wheeler  Samuel William Tatham  1864  Tatham  I4874 
15 Georgiana Tatham  Georgiana Tatham  bef 1869  Tatham  I1552 
16 Georgina Andrews  Georgina Andrewes  bef 1871  Tatham  I2563 
17 Agnes Caroline Jones  Caroline Agnes Jones  bef 1871  Tatham  I2670 
18 Philip Charles Trench  Philip Charles Chenevix Trench  1873  Tatham  I1109 
19 Melesina Ethel Maude Trench  Melesina Ethel Maude Chenevix Trench  1873  Tatham  I1108 
20 Thomas Dearlove Griggs  Thomas Dearlove Dearlove  abt 1875  Tatham  I0962 
21 Hamilton Tatham  Hamilton de Tatham  bef 1879  Tatham  I0846 
22 Henry Scott Riddell  Henry Scott-Riddell  aft 1881  Tatham  I1620 
23 Thomas Aubrey Shepherd Cross  Thomas Aubrey Shepherd-Cross  1884  Tatham  I4246 
24 Eliza Mary Warter  Mary Eliza Tatham Warter  May 1884  Tatham  I0171 
25 Octavius Frederic Massall  Frederic Merer  bef 1888  Tatham  I3495 
26 Mary Laura Crawford Rees  Laura Merer  bef 1891  Tatham  I2257 
27 Alfred Charles Christopher  Alfred Charles Seton Christopher  1893  Tatham  I1107 
28 Henry de Grey Warter Tatham  Henry de Grey Warter Tatham-Warter  1897  Tatham  I0177 
29 Edward Chetwynd Stapylton  Edward Chetwynd-Stapylton  bet 1901 and 1911  Tatham  I2346 
30 Reginald Francis Legg  Reginald Francis Legge  1904  Tatham  I4312 
31 Caroline Georgiana Smith  Caroline Georgina Smyth  bef 1908  Tatham  I0682 
32 Thomas Harrison Wand  Thomas Harrison Wand-Tetley  bet 1911 and 1912  Tatham  I1403 
33 John Arthington Walpole Bond  John Arthington Walpole-Bond  aft Apr 1911  Tatham  I1432 
34 Ian Asher David Wilson Young  Ian Asher D Wilson-Young  aft 1912  Tatham  I4410 
35 Raymond Harding Cox  Raymond Edward Harding Cox  bef 1914  Tatham  I2772 
36 James William Leigh Wood  James Leigh-Wood  1919  Tatham  I1225 
37 Wilhelmina Redbourne Tatham  Wilhelmina Redbourne Warde  bef 1919  Tatham  I2771 
38 Edward Joseph Green  Edward Joseph Northcote-Green  bet 1922 and 1932  Tatham  I3562 
39 Thomas Pilkington Norris  Thomas Pilkington Watt Norris  abt 1923  Tatham  I0053 
40 Stecil Peter Tatham  Stecil Peter Baynes  abt 1924  Tatham  I4288 
41 Henry Asket Trenear Thomas  Henry Asket Trenear-Thomas  bef 1925  Tatham  I3626 
42 Alfred De Silva  Alfred Abeydeera  abt 1927  Tatham  I5780 
43 Roger James Green  Roger James Northcote-Green  bef 1932  Tatham  I0214 
44 Amy Octavia Wauchope  Amy Octavia Seton-Christopher  bef 1935  Tatham  I1802 
45 Emma Letten  Emma Tunzelman  bef 1935  Tatham  I5579 
46 Victor Emanuel von Tunzelmann  Victor Emanuel Tunzelman  bef 1935  Tatham  I4867 
47 Gertrude Melville Baker  Gertrude Melville Melville  20 Jun 1938  Tatham  I0623 
48 Reginald Laurence Catt  Reginald Laurence Melville  20 Jun 1938  Tatham  I0624 
49 Gertrude Constance Catt  Gertrude Constance Melville  20 Jun 1938  Tatham  I0625 
50 John William Lawrence Fry  John William Fry-Goldie-Taubman  16 Feb 1946  Tatham  I1685 

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