The Tathams of County Durham
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Report: Cousin Marriages

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# Husband Wife Date Place Relationship
1 Crosier Surtees  Jane Surtees  12 Sep 1769  St Michael, Heighington  1st cousins 
2 John Thomas Becher  Mary Drake Becher  06 Jan 1802  Southwell Minster  possibly cousins 
3 William Thomas Christopher  Harriet Christopher  17 Dec 1833  St Marylebone, Marylebone  1st cousins 
4 Montagu John Tatham  Louisa Mary Christopher  28 Jul 1842  St John the Evangelist, Paddington  2nd cousins 
5 Alfred Millard William Christopher  Maria Frances Christopher  15 Jun 1844  Brentford  1st cousins 
6 William James Kennedy  Sarah Caroline Bannister Kennedy  02 Jan 1845  St Edburgha, Yardley  possibly cousins 
7 John Lound  Mary Ann Lound  13 Oct 1848  St Andrew, Holborn  cousins 
8 Robert Horner  Harriet Horner  28 Nov 1848  Marsworth  possibly cousins 
9 Edmund Catt  Mary Catt  abt Nov 1861  Uckfield  1st cousins 
10 Thomas Borradaile Christopher  Elizabeth Christopher  21 Mar 1866  St Stephen the Martyr, St John's Wood  1st cousins 1x removed 
11 Proby Littler Cautley  Annie Frances Hovenden Hutton  23 Jul 1872  Up Cerne  1st cousins 
12 Alexander Tulloch  Henrietta Tulloch  30 Sep 1885  Cape Colony, South Africa  possibly cousins 
13 Stanley Tatham  Frances Emma Constance Tatham  28 Oct 1886  St Marylebone, Marylebone  3rd cousins 
14 Cyril Thomas Christopher Tatham  Mabel Elizabeth Tatham  17 Jan 1888  St Marylebone, Marylebone  1st cousins 
15 Ralph Heathcote Tatham  Catherine Agnes King  1900  Natal?  1st cousins 
16 Percival Inglis Farrer  Beatrix Edyth Northcote  abt Aug 1907  Amesbury  1st cousins 1x removed 
17 Arthur Julius Rann Kennedy  Dora Emilie Tatham  29 Apr 1908  All Saints, Ladysmith, Natal  2nd cousins 
18 Arthur Maurice Tatham  Muriel Dorothy Tatham  01 Jun 1912  All Saints, Tientsin, China  2nd cousins 
19 James A Spencer  Katherine Margaret Spencer  abt May 1919  Guisborough  possibly cousins 
20 Francis Hall  Violet Florence Brooke  15 Jul 1919  Chapel Royal, Hampton Court Palace  cousins 
21 Kenneth Raymond Pelly  Elspeth Norna Grant  15 Oct 1919  Christ Church, South Nutfield  2nd cousins 
22 Clement Arthur Molony  Agatha Mary Molony  abt 1921  Canada?  1st cousins