The Tathams of County Durham
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Sydney Bousfield Tatham (1869-1936)

Bankruptcy hearing, Perth, 05 Apr 1918



The public examination in bankruptcy of Sidney Bousfield Tatham, electrictal engineer, of Meekatharra, was cotinued yesterday afternoon before Mr. Registrar Moseley. Mr. A. A. Moffat (Acting-Official Receiver) conducted the examination and Mr. C. J. Le Mesurier appeared for two of the creditors.

Mr. Le Mesurier cross-examined the debtor at length regarding numerous loans for varying amount made to him by Mrs. Parker and Miss Cheatley, the total involved being stated at about 700. The witness appeared to be very uncertain regarding the dates, and denied having borrowed several sums on dates mentioned by counsel. He said that in connection with his business in Perth he had kept no books after March, 1913, though he was in business nearly a year later. He attributed this to an accident which had seriously injured his eyesight. He denied having given Mrs. Parker as security for one loan certain furniture over which Mr. Luber already held a bill of sale, and which he subsequently seized.

Examined further by Mr. Moffat, debtor admitted that when he arrived in Perth and started business he had no eapital or assets but considerable outstanding liabilities. His business was financed at the start mainly by loans from Mrs. Parker. Concerning advances made to him by Mr. West in connection with the business, he admitted having failed to keep his agreements regarding payment. After his initial failures. West charged him interest at the rate of 1s. in the per month, and he thus became involved further. Questioned regarding his English bankruptcy, debtor said he did not remember the name of the Official Receiver who examined him, or where the proceedings took place. He was only about 21 or 22 at the time. There was now nobody actually dependent, upon him, as his wife had a millinery and electrical business, witness managing the latter department. He was receiving about 200 per annum as manager. This business was in his wife's name because he had no credit and his wife had.

Throughout, debtor's replies to questions were of an indefinite and often contradictory character. When asked when he got married he hazarded "about eighteen months," a rcply which, according to Mr. Le Mesurier, was some five months wide of the mark.

The examination was adjourned further till 2.15 p.m. to-day, and Mr. Moffet intimated that in the meantime he would endeavour to get the debtor to prepare a cash account, as his replies to questions appeared so unreliable.

The West Australian, Perth, 06 Sep 1918

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