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Family: Charles Edouard Vienet / Elizabeth Georgina Ryniker

m. 09 Jun 1886


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Vienet family

Distressing circumstances after Charles Vienet's death 19 Sep 1905

Mounted-constable Batty, of Mt. Moriac, has reported to Superintendent Charles a sad case of distress at Waurn Ponds. In September last a vigneron named Vienet died suddenly, leaving a widow and nine children, and four weeks after his demise a tenth child was born. The district residents have been assisting Mrs. Vienet in her misfortune, and now she is desirous of having four of the youngest children boarded out to her. The trouble is that the children are not neglected, and Superintendent Charles suggests that Mrs. Vienet should communicate with the secretary for the department in charge of boarded-out children. The eldest of the children is a girl 15 years old. [Geelong Advertiser, 10 Nov 1905]

The case of the Vienet family at Waurn Ponds, whose distresssed circumstances were related in yesterday's issue of the "Advertiser", did not escape the attention of Mr. A. J. Young, secretary of the Protestant Orphan Asylum. During the day he informed Mrs. Vienet that an application for the admission of some of her children to the Orphanage would receive the favorable consideration of the committee. It is understood that Mrs. Vienet will endeavor to have the children boarded out to her, and will apply to the police magistrate accordingly. [Geelong Advertiser, 11 Nov 1905]

The publicity given in the "Advertiser" to the case of the distressed Vienet family at Waurn Ponds has been the means of bringing the widow and ten children immediate help from district residents. Steps are being taken by several leading men to bring the case under the notice of the Department for the Care of Neglected Children, and an effort will be made to have four of the children boarded out to Mrs. Vienet. [Geelong Advertiser, 16 Nov 1905]

Attention was recently called in the "Advertiser" to a distressing case at Waurn Ponds, a vigneron named C. Vienet died, leaving a wife and a young family of ten in very poor circumstances. The case excited the sympathy of the district people, and practical assistance was forthcoming for the widow and children. It was recognised that unless relieved of the younger children Mrs. Vienet would be severely handicapped in her struggle for existence, and representations were made to the management of the Protestant Orphan Asylum. The committee of that institution met yesterday forenoon and decided to admit eight of the children, including a two months' old babe. The other children are old enough to be of assistance to their mother. The eight children were received into the Orphanage during the afternoon. [Geelong Advertiser, 09 Dec 1905]

Note: The baby on the orphanage admission document, Charles William Vienet (born after Charles Vienet's death), was to die back with its mother Elizabeth Georgina Vienet née Ryniker shortly afterwards, on 10 Jan 1906. All other children have been traced through newspapers to have been attached to the Protestant Orphanage until 1915; that is, until they reached the age of 14 (boys) and 15 (girls), when they entered into an apprentice system. [DID]

Owner/SourceGeelong Advertiser, copied by David Deppeler
DateNov-Dec 1905
Linked toFamily: Vienet/Ryniker (F1003)

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