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Bloxhams of Buckingham and Oxford

Note on their line of descent

The Line of Descent of a Family of Bloxhams of Buckingham and Oxford

This branch of the Bloxham family of ours, found in Tadmarton, Oxfordshire, originates from Bloxham village just a couple of miles down the road.

As the registration of marriages, baptisms, and burials only started in the middle part of the 16th century, we know nothing about our earlier forebears. We have quite a number of Bloxhams found in the 13th and 14th centuries mentioned in various rolls, deeds etc., but not many for some reason or other during the 15th century.

Our Bloxhams from Tadmarton moved over the years back to Bloxham village, Swalcliffe, Cropredy, and Banbury, which are all just a few miles from one another and then further afield.

The earliest known members of the Bloxham family that I have found in Tadmarton are mentioned in the Lay Subsidy Rolls of about 1327, which mentions two Bloxhams:
Vill of Tadmartone:

  • from Agnes Bloxham: 4s. 4d.
  • from John de Bloxham: 5s 6d.
and these two are also mentioned in the Vill of Bannebury:
  • from Agnes de Bloxham: 3s.
  • from John de Bloxham: 18d.

The John de Bloxham must be the well recorded Bloxham who died in 1331 and had several properties all over this part of England and was in the service of the King.

With the Lay Subsidy Rolls your name was put down as a tax payer if you had enough taxable property in a Vill; so if you have enough taxable property in say (six) Vills, your name is written down under each one. The amount of Tax each person pays are a proportion of his taxable wealth, which in 1327 was one twentieth.

The next Bloxhams that I have found in Tadmarton are Richard and William Bloxham. These two are assumed to be brothers.

Richard was born about 1508 and died in 1583. He only had one known child, Margery, born about 1537 and died 1578, and she married a Robert Hawtain, born 1520, and died 1596. The Hawtain family were quite numerous in the village of Swalcliffe, just up the road, and they were quite a prosperous family. Richard Bloxham or Broksom is described as a weaver in his Will dated 1583.

The brother William, born about 1520 and died 1569, married three times. He left a Will dated 1570. William mentions all his children, and one of the executors is a George Dumbleton, which is a name mentioned later as William's grandson. Richard married a Joyce Dumbleton.

William's first wife was a Joyce (surname unknown). She was born about 1524 and died 1557. They had seven children:

  • John, bapt. 1544 , died 1618.
  • Margeret, bapt. 1549, died 1612.
  • William, bapt. 1551, died 1631.
  • Richard, bapt. 1552.
  • Ales, bapt. 1554.
  • Elizabeth, bapt. 1556, died 1569.
  • Thomas, bapt. 1557, died 1557.
Joyce must have suffered complications with the birth of their last child, Thomas, as he is buried with her.

William's second wife was Jone Gibbard, whom he married a year later in 1558. Jone was born about 1534 and died 1560, just two years after their marriage. The Gibbards are mentioned again later on.

William's third wife was a Margeret (surname unknown), bapt. 1541, died 1628. They had three children:

  • Robert, bapt. 1562.
  • Catherine, bapt. 1568, married John Hyren in 1587.
  • Anne, bapt. 1568, married Justynian Lord at Banbury in 1594.

On the death of her husband, William, Margeret married Thomas Hyren, bapt. 1552, died 1610. Was this Thomas Hyren an older brother of John Hyren who married her daughter Catherine ?

John, the first son, married twice, first to Marie, bapt. 1548, died 1597, and then to Clement Awnton at Wroxton in 1598; she was bapt. 1565 died 1640.

The son William also married twice, first to Julian Hale, bapt. 1547 died 1588, then to Elizabeth, bapt. 1567 died 1633.

The son Richard, bapt. 1552, married a Marie and they lived at Bloxham village.

The son Robert, bapt. 1562, married a Marie (she could have been a Gibbard).

Starting with the second son, William first, bapt. 1551. He married twice, first to Julian Hale who was the widow of John Hale with whom she had some eight children. Julian was bapt. 1547 and died in 1588. She married William Bloxham in 1581 but they had no children. After her death William married an Elizabeth bapt. 1567 died 1633. They had nine children:

  • Richard, bapt. 1592, died 1668.
  • Thomas, bapt. 1593, died 1654.
  • William, bapt. 1597.
  • William, bapt. 1598, died 1629.
  • Agnes, bapt. 1601, died 1696.
  • Christian, bapt. 1605.
  • Susan, bapt. 1608.
  • Thurstan, bapt. 1608, died 1631.
  • Elizabeth, bapt. 1612.

Both William and his wife left Wills. In his Will dated 1631, William mentions another son, Humfry. Also the son Thurstan in his Will dated 1636, mentions his brother Humphry. So there must have been another child, making ten children in all. The bapt. of Humphry has not been found.

William in his Will also mentions a Thomas Plestoe and his children; while Elizabeth in her Will mentions Elizabeth the daughter of Thomas Plestoe of Bloxham; while Thurstan in his Will mentions his sister Anne Plestoe and her children. So Thomas Plestoe must have been a son in law of William and Elizabeth. If so, then there could have been another daughter Anne; or was this Susan or Agnes?

Also, in William's Will, he mentions Nathaniel and Rebecca. These two must have been his grandchildren, the children of his son William, bapt. 1598, died 1629 just two years before his father. William also mentions his brothers, John Haukes and John Alcocke. These two must have been his brothers in law, but as to yet I have not found which of his sisters or widows they had married.

William Bloxham is mentioned in the Will of his brother Richard Bloxham of Bloxham in 1609, as Richard appointed his brother William Bloxham of Tadmarton along with a William Buckell the overseers of his Will. Richard Bloxham also mentions his wife Marie and his son William.

Carrying on down this line to William and Elizabeth's eldest son, Richard, bapt. 1592, died 1668. He married twice, first to Hannah Baylie in 1614. She was bapt. 1593 and died 1656, and they had seven children. Then in 1661 he married Mary Gibson, bapt. 1637, died 1696. Richard and Hannah must have moved to Banbury as all their children are baptised there. But in his Will of 1668 he is described as Richard Bloxham of Tadmarton, yeoman. It seems that around 1645 Richard and his sons, Samuel and John, returned to Tadmarton. These two sons must have stayed there, as they both married and brought up their families there. I would think that the reason for them moving back to Tadmarton was the civil war, as a great part of Banbury town was destroyed. Then after the war when things had quietened down some of them moved back to Banbury.

Richard is mentioned in the Protestation Returns for 1641 -1642, for Tadmarton paying 8s. and Banbury 8s.
Richard is also mentioned in the Banbury Corporation Records in 1614 to 1615 in an account taken before Thomas Whearey, Nichodemus Edons and John Austen, that the Chamberlain had laid out 45.10s and he received the same, so remains ... list of names including Richard Bloxham, 2.
Then again in 1653. A parcel of waste ground whereon two tenements lately stood, destroyed by fire in the late war, in tenure of Richard Bloxham and Thomas Perm, containing 4 perch ... worth 3s 4d. Near to the beast market.
In 1638 Richard was the executor of the Will of John Bayly, a gentleman of Hook Norton. Was this his father in law or a brother in law?
Richard in his Will mentions his son Richard and that "if he returns from beyond the sea within seven years" he was to receive 10. Did his son return ? I have not yet found out.
Richard also mentions his two sons in law, Nathaniel Lamprey and John Bucks. They could have been the husbands of either Alice, Mary or Martha.

Richard and Hannah's children were:

  • Alice, bapt. 1617.
  • William, bapt. 1620, died 1678 at Banbury.
  • Samuel, bapt. 1622, died 1700.
  • Mary, bapt. 1625
  • Martha, bapt. 1628
  • John, bapt. 1631, died 1669.
  • Richard, bapt. 1633.

After Hannah's death in 1656 Richard married Mary Gibson at Sommerton in 1661.

Richard and Hannah's eldest son William had been baptised in Banbury in 1620, and he remained there when his father and brothers returned to Tadmarton. In his Will he was described as a yeoman. He appears in the Hearth Tax Return for 1655 as occupying a four hearth house in Banbury. William was also a Tithingman from 1648 to 1649 and again 1651 to 1652. He was a Banbury Constable from 1654 to 1655 and 1661 to 1662. William must have married prior to 1643 (marriage not found). His wife's name was Silence; she died in Banbury 28th Sept 1708 and she was described as a midwife. Their children were:

  • Anne, bapt. 1643.
  • Nathaniel, bapt. 1645.
  • Sarah, bapt. 1650.
  • Silence, bapt. 1652.
  • Robert, bapt. 1653.
  • William, bapt. 1655.
  • Rebecca, bapt. 1660.

Of William and Silence's son Robert: he took up the trade as a butcher, as in his Will William mentions his butcher's stalls in Banbury. Robert was bapt. 1653 and died in 1737. Robert was a Taster of Victuals for Banbury Council for 1679 to 1680 and 1689 to 1670 and a Warden for 1693 to 1694. Robert married three times, first to Maude (marriage not found); she died 1690. His second wife was Mary (marriage not found) and she died in 1694. His third wife was Elizabeth Harris, whom he married in 1698, and she died 1734. He had some eight children:

  • Robert, bapt. 1683; he became a butcher, and was made a Freeman of Banbury in 1744. He married Catherine Butler in 1712 and they had two children:
    • Elizabeth, bapt. 1712.
    • Ann, bapt. 1714.
  • John, bapt. 1684, died 1684.
  • William, bapt. 1686, died 1686.
  • John, bapt. 1686.
  • Elizabeth, bapt. ?, married William Annersley in 1706.
  • Andrew, bapt. 1691, died 1757; he too was a butcher, and he married twice, first to Mary (not found), she died of smallpox in 1718; then to Elizabeth Ward in 1737.
  • William, bapt. 1694, married Anne Gibbins.
  • Mary, bapt. 1699.
  • Nathaniel, bapt. 1700.
  • Jabez, bapt. 1702.
  • Banjamin, bapt. 1704.

Of the son Nathaniel, he too is described as a butcher. I have not found any marriage or burial for him, but he is mentioned twice in the Oxford Peculiar Court.
"We present Nathaniel Bloxham, jnr. butcher, for being the reputed Father of a bastard child begoten on the body of Elizabeth Essex. Nathaniel Bloxham cited."
Then again.
"We present Nathaniel Bloxham, jnr. butcher for being the reputed Father of a bastard child begoten on the body of Joyce Lambert, a single woman ".
However this last child was recorded in the Banbury parish register as being named William and supposed son of William Bloxham; this would have been Nathaniel's brother. Nathaniel must have moved away from the area as I can find no other information about him.

Of Robert's son Banjamin, bapt. 1704 and died 1775: he too was a butcher and he married Anne Knibb of Fenny Compton at Cropredy in 1736. They had seven children:

  • Jabez, bapt. 1738.
  • Benjamin, bapt. 1739.
  • Mary, bapt. 1742, died 1742.
  • Mary, bapt. 1744.
  • Ann, bapt. 1746.
  • Robert, bapt. ?, died 1749.

Of Robert's son William, bapt. 1694, died 1780: he was also a butcher. He married Anne Gibbins in 1740 and they had ten children:

  • Amazia, bapt. 1741.
  • Sarah, bapt. 1743.
  • William, bapt. 1744.
  • Mary, bapt. 1746.
  • John, bapt. 1748.
  • Thomas, bapt. 1750.
  • Robert, bapt. 1753.
  • Charles, bapt. 1758.
  • Charles Randall, bapt. 1761.
  • Jabez, bapt. 1764.

William and Anne's son Amazia, bapt. 1741, was also a butcher; he married Ann Salmon in 1766 and they had seven children. Amazia is mentioned in Jackson's Oxford Journal in 1780 as being the administrator of the sale of his late father William's furniture and effects. Their children were:

  • William, bapt. 1768, died 1774.
  • John, bapt. 1771.
  • Sally, bapt. 1772.
  • William, bapt. 1775.
  • Edward, bapt. 1777, died 1777.
  • Edward, bapt. 1784.
  • Ann bapt. ?, died 1769.

Back we go again to Richard and Hannah, and their next son, Samuel, bapt. 1622 and died 1700. He married a Mary (not found). Samuel had returned to Tadmarton from Banbury where he bought up his family. He is mentioned in the Hearth Tax Returns for 1665 as living in a three hearthed house in Nether Tadmarton. Samuel and Mary had five children:

  • Samuel, bapt. 1645.
  • Elizabeth, bapt. 1647.
  • Mary, bapt. 1658.
  • William, bapt. 1660.
  • William, bapt. 1663.

Richard and Hannah's third son, John, bapt. 1631, died 1669. He married Margeret (not found), bapt. 1632. They had three children:

  • John, bapt. 1657.
  • Mary, bapt. 1661.
  • Elizabeth, bapt. 1666, died 1685.

Of Richard and Hannah's son Richard: we do not know if he returned from sea, as was mentioned in his father's Will. However there is the mention in the Banbury Corporation Records of 1678 of a Bond of John Bloxham, and with him a Richard Bloxham and his son Thomas, 6. 15s.

Richard and Hannah did have two sons in law, Nathaniel Lamprey and John Bucks. They must have been the husbands of Mary and Martha.

We now go back to the beginning, and to William Bloxham and his wife Elizabeth, bapt. 1551 and 1567. Their second son Thomas, bapt. 1593, died 1654, the brother of Richard. Thomas, married Ellen Plestow in 1627; she was bapt. 1603 and died 1665. Thomas is mentioned in the Protestation Returns for 1641 and 1642 as paying 5s. Thomas and Ellen had thirteen children:

  • Richard, bapt. 1628, married Marth Kemp in 1659 and they had two children:
    • Katherine, bapt. 1660.
    • William, bapt. 1670.
  • Elizabeth, bapt. 1629, died 1636.
  • Mari. bapt. 1631, married Francis Neale in 1652.
  • An, bapt. 1634, died 1642.
  • Elizabeth, bapt. 1637, married Thomas Mills in 1665.
  • William, bapt. 1639.
  • A Daughter, bapt. 1642.
  • Debra, bapt. 1644.
  • Samuel, bapt. 1644, died 1646.
  • Richard, bapt. 1645.
  • John, bapt. 1647.
  • Mary, bapt. 1649, died 1664.
  • Ambrose, bapt. 1651, died 1731. This Ambrose married Hannah, died 1736. They had five children all baptised at Sth. Newington:
    • Mary, bapt. 1678.
    • Samuel, bapt. 1680, died 1756, married Mary; they had three children:
      • Hannah, bapt. 1715.
      • John, bapt. 1719.
      • Samuel, bapt. 1723, died 1794. he was a blacksmith.
    • John, bapt. 1682.
    • Hannah, bapt. 1685.
    • Dorcas, bapt. 1687.

William and Elizabeth's third son William, bapt. 1597, must have died an infant as they named their next son a William, bapt. 1598, died 1629, just two years before his father. He married Emme Bayliss at Milcombe in 1624. Emme was bapt. 1600, died 1634 - just a few years after her husband, and both at a young age. They had four children:

  • John, bapt. 1623, died 1623.
  • Nathaniel, bapt. 1624.
  • Elizabeth, bapt. 1625.
  • Rebeka. bapt. 1628.

Both Nathaniel and Rebeka had been provided for in their grandfather's Will. Also on William's death in 1629 a Grant of Letters of Administration was given to his brother Richard of Banbury, an Inn Holder, during the minority of Nathaniel and Rebecca. William was described as a yeoman.

William and Elizabeth's next son was Thurstan, bapt. 1608, died 1636. He lived in Bloxham village. In his Will he mentions no wife, but most of his brothers and sisters. He also mentions his sister Anne Plestow. Her baptism has not been found. Did his sister Anne marry the brother of Ellen Plestow who had married her brother Thomas in 1627? Thurstan also mentions the debt which his brother Richard owed him and forgives him of it.

The last son we come to of William and Elizabeth is Humphrey (bapt. not found). Humphrey married an Elizabeth (marriage not found), and they had six children, all bapt. in Bloxham village. Humphrey, along with a William Bloxham (this could have been his father), are mentioned in the Manor Court Rolls for Bloxham village on March 7th 1633. This was a tenancy agreement between Lord Saye and William Bloxham and his wife and in the presence of Humphrey Bloxham and Thomas Huckell. Humphrey and Elizabeth's children were:

  • Elizabeth, bapt ?, died 1706, married John Lucas of Wroxton at Tadmarton in 1652.
  • William, bapt. ?, died 1681 (William the Elder).
  • Thomas, bapt. 1630, died 1670.
  • John, bapt. 1632, died 1714.
  • Samuel, bapt. 1634.
  • Joseph, bapt. 1636, died 1695.

Of Humphrey and Elizabeth's son William (the elder) (bapt. not found): on his death in 1681 he left a Will and a very interesting inventory. He mentions his new wife and all his children, and his brothers Joseph and John, joiners, of Banbury. William married twice, his first wife being a Jane (not found); she died in 1671. They had three children:

  • Humphrey, bapt. ?, married Isobel Goodson of Astrop, Northants, at Wroxton in 1697.
  • William, bapt. ?
  • Hannah, bapt. ?, died just after her father in 1681.

William's second wife was Elizabeth (not found), and they had two daughters.

  • Elizabeth.
  • Mary.

William junior is mentioned in the Bloxham Manor Court Rolls as taking over his father's land in Bloxham village, and again in 1698 as a customary tenant of Bloxham along with an Ann Bloxham of Adderbury.

Of Humphrey and Elizabeth's son Thomas, bapt. 1630, died 1670: he married a Mary (not found). This must have been his second wife as in his Will he mentions her as his new wife. He is described as an Inn holder of Banbury (inn not identified), and he mentions his relations: William of Bloxham, Joseph of Banbury, and John Lucas of Wroxton; they must be his brothers and brother in law. He also mentions three children:

  • William, bapt. not found.
  • Humphrey, bapt. 1665.
  • Mary, bapt. 1662.

Of Humphrey and Elizabeth's son Samuel, bapt. 1634: he married Mary Rose of Duns Tew in 1667 at Tadmarton, when Samuel was described as from Bloxham. They must have moved from Bloxham to Wroxton as these children are found there:

  • Samuel (William deleted), bapt. 1668.
  • Humphrey, bapt. 1674.

Humphrey and Elizabeth's son Joseph, bapt: 1636, died 1695. He was a joiner of Banbury. Joseph was married to a Margeret (not found) and they had six children:

  • Grace, bapt. 1671, married Thomas Watts of Cropredy, a weaver, in 1701 at Broughton w Newington.
  • Joseph, bapt. 1673, married Elizabeth Southam of Cullinorth at Wardington in 1695.
  • Robert, bapt. 1674.
  • William, bapt. 1676, died 1750.
  • Samuel, bapt. 1679.
  • Thomas, bapt. 1683.

Joseph in his Will of 1694 mentions all his children, and his kinsmen, Thomas Bloxham and Samuel Lucas. Thomas must have been his brother John's eldest son, and Samuel Lucas the son of his sister, Elizabeth Lucas (Bloxham). The witnesses to his Will were John Bloxham, snr. and John Bloxham, his brother and nephew. Joseph is mentioned in the Banbury Corporation Records for 1688 and 1689: "Paid by Joseph Bloxham to Mr Samuel Remouls for timber laid upon the waste: 1s". One can assume that Joseph worked closely with his brother John in their trade as carpenters and joiners in the Banbury area and that several of their sons followed on.

Joseph and Margeret's son William, bapt. 1676, married Ann Rymall of Burcester in 1713 at St. Mary Magdelene, Oxford. William was also a carpenter. He died in 1750. At some time before 1734 William was made a Sergeant of Mace to Banbury council, as he is mentioned along with the other Sergeant, Richard Page in July and August 1734 regarding carrying out their duties to summon council members. William and Ann had twelve children:

  • John, bapt. 1715, married Susannah Williams.
  • Mary, bapt. 1716.
  • Ann, bapt. 1717, died 1719 of smallpox.
  • Anne, bapt. 1719, died 1734.
  • Elizabeth, bapt. 1721.
  • William, bapt. 1722, died 1723.
  • William, bapt. 1724.
  • Jane and Sarah, bapt. 1725, died 1733 and 1725.
  • Sarah, bapt. 1727.
  • Jane, bapt. 1728.
  • Nathaniel, bapt. 1731.

Of William and Ann's son John, bapt. 1715: he married Susannah Williams in 1736. Susannah died in 1810. If it is the same John, he died in 1799 and was then a pauper. He was described as a woolcomber, a jersey comber and a weaver. They had eight children:

  • Nathaniel, bapt. 1737.
  • Elizabeth, bapt. 1739.
  • Mary, bapt. ?, died 1752.
  • Thomas, bapt. 1742.
  • John, bapt. 1744, died 1748.
  • Martha, bapt. 1746.
  • Anne, bapt. 1748.
  • William, bapt. 1750, died 1764.

We now go right back to Humphrey and Elizabeth, and their son John, bapt. 1632, died 1714. John was a carpenter and joiner, and in the burial register for Banbury he was described as a surveyor. John married Sarah Timms at Woodstock in 1655 and they had six known children:

  • Thomas, bapt. 1658, died 1737.
  • Elizabeth, bapt. 1656.
  • Sarah, bapt. 1661.
  • Jain, bapt. 1663.
  • John, bapt. ?
  • Richard, bapt. ?, died 1742.

John is mentioned in a Biographical Dictionary of British Architects 1600 to 1840. His only known work to date is that of Adderbury Rectory which he rebuilt in 1682. This is mentioned in the Buildings of Oxfordshire. John appears several times in the Banbury Corporation Records, A bond in 1678 mentions John Bloxham and his son Thomas and Richard Bloxham ofTadmarton. Then again another Bond with John, his brother Joseph and a Henry King in 1674. Then a land transaction of property in the Hog Market, Banbury, held by John Bloxham to a William Dolby and William Barnes. Another land transaction of 1686 by John Bloxham to his son and heir, Thomas Bloxham, of land and tenement and messuage in the Hog Market, Banbury. As yet I have found no Will for John.

John and Sarah's son Thomas, bapt. 1658, died 1737, married an Elizabeth (not found); she died in 1701. In his Will, made in 1731, he is described as Thomas the Elder and a joiner. Thomas and Elizabeth had eight children:

  • Kenning, bapt. 1696.
  • John, bapt. ?.
  • Martin, bapt. 1700 (this could be of John).
  • Thomas, bapt. 1701, died 1760.
  • Elizabeth, bapt. ?.
  • Sarah, bapt. ?, died 1714.
  • William, bapt. ?, died 1720.
  • Mary, bapt. ?, died 1701.

In his Will, Thomas mentions four of his children: John, Martin, Thomas and Elizabeth. He does also mention his brother in law, John Kenning, so it is more than likely that Thomas's wife was Elizabeth Kenning. Also one of their children had the forename of Kenning. Also their son William is mentioned as being apprenticed to a Mary Kenning in 1713 as a cit. &turn. for 9. There was also a John Bloxham in 1729 as being apprenticed to a Thomas Bloxham of Bloxham as a carpenter for 9. So perhaps Thomas also lived in and had his work shop in Bloxham village.

The son Martin was apprenticed to a Joseph Hawtyn of Banbury as a Brass ? This son Martin married a Mary Wheeler in 1721.

Of the son Thomas, bapt. 1701, died 1760: he married a Martha (not found). In his Will he is described as a joiner and he mentions his wife and his sons William and Thomas and daughters Elizabeth and Martha Shaw. The Will must have seemed a bit dodgy because a John Bloxham (this must have been his brother) and a William Arnit, both joiners, had to examine and swear that they knew Thomas Bloxham and that the Will was in his writing, and signature etc.. Thomas and Martha had six children; none of the children appear in the Banbury Registers, but more than likely in Bloxham village.

  • Elizabeth, bapt. 1736.
  • Thomas, bapt. 1738, died 1738 an infant.
  • Hannah, bapt. 1740.
  • Thomas, bapt. 1740.
  • Mary, bapt. 1744.
  • William, bapt. ?

Of Thomas and Martha's son Thomas, bapt. 1740: he married a (H)esther Edwards in 1768 and he too was described as carpenter. I have only found one child from this marriage:

  • Thomas, bapt. 1770, died 1772.

Back to John and Sarah, and their son Richard, bapt. 1687 and died 1742. He married an Elizabeth (not found) and she died 1745. Richard like his father was a carpenter. In Banbury churchyard there is a broken tomb stone which is the earliest identifiable stone there. This is to Richard Bloxham and his relict Elizabeth, 1741 and 1745. They had ten children:

  • Richard, bapt. 1722. died 1744.
  • Edmund, bapt. 1722, died 1731.
  • Dew, bapt. 1723, died 1791.
  • Sarah, bapt. 1724.
  • Jane, bapt. 1725.
  • Martha, bapt. 1727, died 1728.
  • Lucy, bapt. 1730.
  • Ann, bapt. ?, died at Bloxham 1732.
  • Hannah, bapt. 1732.
  • Edmund, bapt. 1734.

Of Richard and Elizabeth's son Dew, bapt. 1723 and died 1791: he too was a joiner and was also mentioned as being a carrier. Dew was Sexton of Banbury church for 33 years. He is mentioned in the Will of Priscilla Bloxham, who was the widow of Robert Bloxham in 1778. This Robert was a plane maker and carpenter, and it seems that they had some kind of partnership with one another. Robert was also the Inn holder of the Leathern Bottle in Banbury. As yet I have not found out how they were related, but I think we can assume that they must have been.
Dew married three times, his first wife being Ann Dodd, married in 1745. Ann died in 1762. His second wife was Sarah Harkings of Little Tew, married in 1763. His third wife was Alice Baughn, married in 1779. Altogether he had thirteen children.
Children of Dew and Ann:

  • Richard, bapt. 1746, died 1746.
  • Anne, bapt. 1747, died 1747.
  • Catherine, bapt. 1748.
  • Dew, bapt. ?, died 1749.
  • Richard, bapt. 1749, died 1749.
  • Jenney, bapt. 1753.
  • Richard, bapt. 1750, died 1751.
  • Lucy, bapt. 1752, died 1752.
  • Ann, bapt. 1757.
  • William, bapt. 1759.

Children of Dew and Sarah:

  • Sarah, bapt. 1764.
  • Mary, bapt. 1767, died 1768.
  • Thomas, bapt. 1764, died 1764.

One can see from these children how high the infant mortality rate was at that time

Back to Thomas and Elizabeth, and their son John (bapt. not found). One can assume that he was born in the early part of the 18th c., as were his brothers and sisters. John married Deborah Nichols in 1729; he died in 1772 and his wife died in 1786. They had eight children:

  • John, bapt. 1730, died 1791.
  • William, bapt. 1734.
  • Anne, bapt. 1735.
  • Elizabeth, bapt. 1737, died 1747.
  • Thomas, bapt. 1742.
  • Mary, bapt. 1746.
  • Deborah, bapt. 1750.
  • Sarah, bapt. ?, married John Bradford of Warwick.

In his Will of 1769 , John mentions his four daughters, Ann, Mary, Deborah, and Sarah Bradford. Also his son John and a Martin Lucas, who could have been his cousin. Also his sister Elizabeth. John left quite a lot of property in Banbury. He is also mentioned in a contract of 1734 for building several houses in The Green and West Bar, Banbury, for a James West MP and an antiquary of Alscot, and whose father lived in Banbury.

Of John and Deborah's son John: he seems to have inherited the family business as a joiner and timber merchant. John died in 1791. In his Will he mentions no wife or children; but he does mention his sisters, Deborah, Ann, and Sarah Bradford, a cousin Elizabeth Bloxham and a string of nephews, Philip, John, William and Thomas, all Bradfords, his sister's children. There are several mentions of John Bloxham snr and jnr in Jackson's Oxford Journal from 1763, mostly to do with land and property transactions etc., and including two court cases:

  • 5th March 1766, The Assizes, by Sir John Eardley, of Ann Lamb for stealing from John Bloxham's house, shifts and other things, transported for seven years.
  • 15th Nov. 1766, Messuage called the Castle, Banbury, let to John Bloxham.
  • 2nd March 1768, Oxford Assizes, George Plesten of Banbury commited to the Castle charged with fraudulently attaining money from John Bloxham a joiner of Banbury.
  • 1778, The best Griff coal belonging to Sir Roger Newdigate, sold at Wharf by Mr Eaton; next year it was sold only by John Bloxham and William Pratt.

We now go right back to the beginning, and the third son of William and Joyce, born about 1520 and 1524. This is their son Richard, bapt. 1552, died 1609. He married a Marie and they had only one known child, William. In his Will, Richard is described as a Husbandman of Bloxham. He mentions his brother William Bloxham of Tadmarton, as the Overseer of his Will. We do know that Richard died before the 6th Oct. 1609, as he is mentioned in the Bloxham Manor Court Rolls of that date regarding a land transaction.
"Half an acre of arable abbuting on Chaldwell between the land of Whyt? on the north side and the land of Henry Mayoine on the south side and half an acre of arable abbuting in Nayland Ditch with the land of Mr Drake on the west side. John Beche and John Parry, Tythingmen, present that Richard Bloxham, a Tythingman. died seized of the property and that William Bloxham, his son and heir, aged 17 yrs. Hon. Richard Fiennes, Lord of the Manor, admits William Bloxham to the property."

Tithingman. There was another Bloxham who was a Tithingman; this was a William Bloxham, who was a grandson to Richard's brother William of Banbury. A Tithingman held quite a responsible position and it dates back to mediaeval times. Special courts were held in different manors at which the view of Frankpledge was taken. Frankpledge was an ancient police system. All tenants of a manor were formed into tithings or groups, often households; the number varied. If any member of the group committed a crime the rest of the tithing were fined if they failed to arrest him. Each tithing was under a Tithingman of chief pledge, who had to attend the view of frankpledge and give evidence of as to the working of his tithing, present offences committed and make payments of due from each tithing. The offences presented generally were encroachments and enclosures, housebreaking, theft, breaches of the peace, breaking of the assize of bread and ale, using false measures, etc.

Of William's next son, Robert, bapt. 1563: he married a Marie. They only had two known children:

  • Ann.
  • Sarah.

Robert died in 1624 and in his Will he mentions no wife, only his two daughters. Roberts wife Marie had connections with the Gibbarde family, mentioned before, as Robert's father had married a Jone Gibbarde. Marie could have been a grandaughter of the Gibbards. Robert and Marie are mentioned in the Bloxham Manor Court Rolls for Oct. 1594: "The surrender of 1 messuage and acres of arable land in Bloxham by Marie wife of Robert Bloxham and next heir to William Gibbard, deceased, and the admitance of Richard Gibbard to the property".

We now go back again to William and Joyce, and their first son, John, bapt. 1544, died 1618. John married a Marie, bapt. 1548, died 1597. They had seven children:

  • Thurstan, bapt. 1573, died 1641.
  • Richard, bapt. 1575, died 1643.
  • Ales, bapt. ?.
  • John, bapt. 1580, died 1597.
  • Emme, bapt. 1584, died 1584.
  • Wyllam, bapt. 1585.
  • Julian, bapt. 1589, died 1597.

After the death of his wife Marie, John married Clement Awnton at Wroxton in 1598; she was bapt. 1565 and died 1640. They had two children:

  • Thomas, bapt. 1599, died 1611.
  • Clement, bapt. 1620.

There is no Will for John, but his widow Clement left an inventory on her death in 1640. Her son Thomas was the overseer of this.

John and Marie's first son, Thurstan, bapt. 1573, married three times.
He first married Mary Phipps in 1606. Mary was bapt. 1583 and died in 1620. They had two children:

  • John, bapt. 1614.
  • Robert, bapt. 1620, died 1620. He was buried along with his mother; it shows how dangerous childbirth was in those days.

Thurstan then married a Margeret, who died in 1637.

Thurstan's third wife was Mary Potter whom he married in the same year as Margeret's death in 1637. Mary was bapt. in 1602 and they had one child.

  • Mane, bapt. 1638, died 1643.

On the death of her husband Thurstan Bloxham, Mary married in the same year, 1641, Timothe Samen, who was bapt. 1613 and died 1653.

On Thurstan's death there is no Will, just an Inventory.

The foregoing note was kindly made available in Aug 2013 by John Niblett, a family historian researching another branch of the Bloxham family. It was produced some years previously by another researcher who cannot now be traced.
As it has not been published elsewhere and its content is of considerable relevance to the Durham Tatham family, the note is posted here in the hope that it will be of interest and practical use to family members and others.

Linked toFamily: Bloxham/Butler (F0148); Family: Bloxham/Harris (F1885)

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