The Tathams of County Durham
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West Ham


Town/District : Latitude: 51.5349, Longitude: 0.0086


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Armour, Elsie Marion  21 Mar 1915West Ham I1115
2 Bethell, Grace  abt Nov 1898West Ham I5815
3 Browne, Beric Pattison  09 Feb 1916West Ham I1102
4 Catt, Constance Mabel  abt Jun 1900West Ham I2544
5 Curtis, Dorothy Doris  16 Apr 1916West Ham I3355
6 Hollamby, Ernest James  abt Feb 1852West Ham I3889
7 Hollamby, Ronald Ernest  09 Jun 1915West Ham I1103
8 Horton, Elizabeth Agnes E  10 Feb 1914West Ham I2371
9 Macartney, John Hance  20 Jun 1913West Ham I2863
10 Sim, Constance Maud  abt Nov 1888West Ham I2301
11 Sim, George Gordon Gilbert  abt Mar 1884West Ham I2300
12 Sim, Grace Mary  abt May 1892West Ham I2304
13 Sim, Leonard Arnold  07 Jul 1896West Ham I2305
14 Sim, Perceval Tatham  abt May 1892West Ham I2303
15 Sim, Richard Baker  abt Aug 1861West Ham I1449
16 Sim, Richard Neil  abt Nov 1881West Ham I2299
17 Wisby, Arthur Albert  abt Aug 1888West Ham I3893


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Batchelor, Emily Jane  abt Aug 1904West Ham I2543
2 Browne, Jonathan Bradley  abt Feb 1893West Ham I2293
3 Catt, Alfred  abt May 1915West Ham I2536
4 Clark, James Charles  abt Aug 1899West Ham I0605
5 Cross, James David  abt Feb 1902West Ham I5284
6 Dollwood, Edna Edith May  abt Feb 1925West Ham I3894
7 Keys, Sarah  abt Feb 1919West Ham I1629
8 Lashbrook, Thomas William Henry John  abt Aug 1920West Ham I1119
9 Murphy, Catherine Charlotte  abt Nov 1915West Ham I1086
10 Pattison, Andrew  abt May 1911West Ham I1085
11 Sim, Arthur John  abt Nov 1866West Ham I1443
12 Sim, Arthur Meads  abt May 1877West Ham I1448
13 Sim, Constance Maud  abt May 1891West Ham I2301
14 Sim, George Gordon Gilbert  abt Aug 1915West Ham I2300
15 Tatham, Sophia  abt Nov 1874West Ham I1438


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Post/Rank/Title    Person ID 
1 Bethell, John Henry  1893-1894West Ham I5817


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Browne / Carter  abt Aug 1908West Ham F0418
2 Browne / Pattison  abt Aug 1914West Ham F0439
3 Catt / Clark  abt May 1906West Ham F1241
4 Cross / Patterson  07 Jul 1880West Ham F1910
5 Hollamby / Dollwood  abt Aug 1914West Ham F1139
6 Hollamby / Ward  abt Feb 1927West Ham F1140
7 Macartney / Humm  abt Aug 1910West Ham F0914
8 Oldfield / Thomas  abt Aug 1872West Ham F0718
9 Pollard / Sim  abt Nov 1872West Ham F0554
10 Sharp / Sim  abt Feb 1875West Ham F0553
11 Sim / Neil  abt Feb 1880West Ham F0550
12 Sim / Williams  abt May 1920West Ham F1134
13 Trench / Sim  abt Aug 1915West Ham F0551
14 Wisby / Hollamby  abt Nov 1910West Ham F1138