The Tathams of County Durham
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Golders Green Crematorium


Location : Latitude: 51.5769, Longitude: -0.1939


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Barry, Vivien Thurburn  08 Nov 1974Golders Green Crematorium I1252
2 Dottridge, Edwin Samuel George  03 Nov 1956Golders Green Crematorium I4286
3 Galbraith, William Lyle  07 Dec 1938Golders Green Crematorium I4573
4 Greville, Beatrice Sheila  30 Jun 1976Golders Green Crematorium I5175
5 Haas, Arthur  12 Feb 1976Golders Green Crematorium I1046
6 Lambe, Ivor  21 Feb 1950Golders Green Crematorium I3990
7 Marks, Oliver  27 May 1940Golders Green Crematorium I1513
8 Murray, Violet Catherine  22 Sep 1960Golders Green Crematorium I1512
9 Ramsden, Frederick Herbert  21 Jul 1950Golders Green Crematorium I3625
10 Roden, Robert Blair  07 Feb 1939Golders Green Crematorium I3870
11 Tatham, Arthur  25 Apr 1925Golders Green Crematorium I0845
12 Tatham, Arthur Trevor  18 Nov 1938Golders Green Crematorium I0877
13 Tatham, Beatrice Kate  23 Jun 1950Golders Green Crematorium I1687
14 Tatham, Cecil Francis  30 Aug 1974Golders Green Crematorium I1249
15 Tatham, Christopher Kemplay  25 Mar 1970Golders Green Crematorium I1635
16 Tatham, John Ralph Caton  27 Jun 1956Golders Green Crematorium I0900
17 Tatham, Lawrence Ralph  14 Mar 1947Golders Green Crematorium I0863
18 Tatham, Ralph Edward  20 Sep 1907Golders Green Crematorium I0028
19 Tatham, Ralph Perceval  22 Mar 1961Golders Green Crematorium I0898
20 Thornycroft, Oliver  29 Aug 1956Golders Green Crematorium I1186
21 van Riemsdyck, Theodora Adrienne Anna  25 Nov 1935Golders Green Crematorium I2500
22 Wallace, Mabel Edith  02 Jun 1958Golders Green Crematorium I4330
23 Wand, Ernest  05 Oct 1938Golders Green Crematorium I3266
24 Wauchope, Amy Octavia  24 May 1949Golders Green Crematorium I1802
25 Wimperis, Arthur Harold  19 Oct 1953Golders Green Crematorium I2521
26 Wood, James William Leigh  24 Mar 1949Golders Green Crematorium I1225