The Tathams of County Durham
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Cambridge University


Town/District : Latitude: 52.2055, Longitude: 0.1174


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Degree/Qualif.    Person ID 
1 Abbot, Frederick James  1846Cambridge University I2611
2 Abbot, Hugh  1892Cambridge University I2456
3 Abbot, Hugh  1913Cambridge University I2456
4 Allen, Ashley William Graham  1890Cambridge University I4354
5 Allen, Joseph  1792Cambridge University I4356
6 Allen, Joseph  1795Cambridge University I4356
7 Allen, Joseph  1829Cambridge University I4356
8 Bailey, Anthony Winter  1852Cambridge University I1229
9 Bailey, Anthony Winter  1858Cambridge University I1229
10 Beaumont, John William Fisher  1899Cambridge University I1630
11 Beaumont, John William Fisher  1902Cambridge University I1630
12 Blakesley, Joseph Williams  1831Cambridge University I2332
13 Blakesley, Joseph Williams  1834Cambridge University I2332
14 Blakesley, Joseph Williams  05 Apr 1849Cambridge University I2332
15 Blakesley, Thomas Holmes  1869Cambridge University I1495
16 Blakesley, Thomas Holmes  abt 1872Cambridge University I1495
17 Boycott, William Douglass  1887Cambridge University I0091
18 Carlyon, Clement Winstanley  1833Cambridge University I0190
19 Carlyon, Hubert Edward  1872Cambridge University I1571
20 Cautley, Proby Francis Lister  1904Cambridge University I3217
21 Cautley, Proby Francis Lister  1909Cambridge University I3217
22 Cautley, Proby Littler  1871Cambridge University I1770
23 Cautley, Proby Littler  1874Cambridge University I1770
24 Cautley, Richard  1784Cambridge University I5277
25 Cautley, Richard  1787Cambridge University I5277
26 Chambers, John  1852Cambridge University I4471
27 Chambers, John  1855Cambridge University I4471
28 Chambers, John Lambton  abt 1948Cambridge University I2951
29 Christopher, Alfred Millard William  1843Cambridge University I1096
30 Christopher, Alfred Millard William  1849Cambridge University I1096
31 Christopher, Charles Mordaunt de Aguilar  1910Cambridge University I1112
32 Christopher, John Danby  abt 1927Cambridge University I2736
33 Clarke, Charles Neville  1887Cambridge University I2531
34 Cox, Harding Edward de Fonblanque  1877Cambridge University I1073
35 Crump, Charles Edward  1879Cambridge University I2562
36 Crump, Charles Edward  1882Cambridge University I2562
37 Eaton, Walter Frederic  1864Cambridge University I5168
38 Eaton, Walter Frederic  1867Cambridge University I5168
39 Haggitt, Frederick  1842Cambridge University I2302
40 Haggitt, Frederick  1845Cambridge University I2302
41 Hindley, Godfrey Talbot  1935Cambridge University I2590
42 Hindley, William Talbot  1902Cambridge University I3679
43 Hindley, William Talbot  1906Cambridge University I3679
44 Jones, William Samuel  1854Cambridge University I5293
45 Jones, William Samuel  1857Cambridge University I5293
46 Kennedy, Alfred Ravenscroft  abt 1903Cambridge University I1593
47 Kennedy, Horace  1902Cambridge University I1594
48 Kennedy, Horace  1908Cambridge University I1594
49 Kennedy, William James  1837Cambridge University I2955
50 Kennedy, William James  1844Cambridge University I2955

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 Macartney, John Hance  abt 1931 - 1934Cambridge University I2863
2 Usborne, Robert K  abt 1972 - 1975Cambridge University I0699


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Incledon, Richard Laurence  1965 - 1977Cambridge University I4425


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Post/Rank/Title    Person ID 
1 Tatham, Ralph  1809 - 1836Cambridge University I0117
2 Tatham, Ralph  1839 - 1840Cambridge University I0117