The Tathams of County Durham
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Family: Alfred Heathcote Tatham / Constance Collier

m. 14 Sep 1911


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Alfred Edward Heathcote Tatham Mark Heathcote Tatham Geoffrey Louis Heathcote Tatham Charles Heathcote Tatham Augustus Edmund Murray Tatham John Murray Tatham Elizabeth Murray Tatham Florence Murray Tatham Constance Augusta Heathcote Tatham Althea Rose Murray Tatham Rienzi Richard Heathcote Tatham
Murray Tatham & Heathcote Tatham children

Murray Tatham & Heathcote Tatham children

At "Althea", the home of Edmund Murray (Ted) and Rose Tatham.
About 1937.

Dateabt 1937
Linked toFamily: Tatham/Collier (F0496); Family: Tatham/Collier (F0483)

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