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Will of Jacob Leroux, 11 Apr 1799

In the Name of God Amen
I Jacob Leroux of Sommers Town in the County of Middlesex Esquire
Do make this my last Will and Testament
First I will and direct that all my just Debts and Funeral Expenses (which I request may be moderate) and the Charges of proving this my Will be fully paid and satisfied out of my Estates hereby directed to be sold
and I do direct that within four days after my Decease my Body be opened by one or more skilful Surgeons to prevent being buried alive
Next I give and bequeath to my dear wife Mary Leroux all my household Goods Linen Plate and China
Also one hundred Pounds to be paid unto her hands as soon as the same can be received for present Expenses
and to my two Daughters Priscilla and Maria twenty Five Pounds each for the same purposes
and further to my Daughter Priscilla I give the Family Picture and Frame which Contains her own and her Brothers portraits
As to all the rest residue and remainder of my Goods Chattels Estates and Property (except my ground rents at Sommers Town aforesaid) together with all my House and Chapel and other Buildings the same to be charged with Ground Rents proportionate to the other Buildings
I give devise and bequeath to my Dear Wife Mary Leroux my brother John Leroux and the Revd John Rennie (Conway Street) their Executors and Administrators respectively
upon this Special Trust and Confidence Nevertheless
that they do and shall as soon after my decease as conveniently may be Sell and Dispose of the same at and for the best price and prices and for the most money that can and may be had and obtained for the same
And I do direct that out of the same One Hundred Pounds be paid to my Brother James Leroux
One Hundred Pounds to my Nephew John Bristow
and One Hundred Pounds also to my nephew Joseph Bristow
and that the remainder of the sale thereof shall be divided into Six equal Parts or Shares
And I do give and bequeath unto my said Dear Wife one of such Parts or Shares
and to each of my Five Children Priscilla Midford Maria Henry and Frederick one other of such Six Parts or Shares
Also I give devise and bequeath to unto them my said Dear Wife Mary my said Brother John and the Revd John Rennie their Executors and Administrators
all my Leasehold Lands (before Excepted) held by Virtue of Leases from Lord Sommers and his Son situate in Sommers Town aforesaid and all benefit and advantage thereof or accruing therefrom and the Ground Rents and Profits thereof and all my Estate and Interest therein
to hold to them my said Dear Wife Mary my Brother John and the Revd John Rennie their Executors and Administrators for all such Terms Estate and Interest as I have therein
Upon this Special Trust and Confidence Nevertheless
that they do and shall so soon after my decease as Conveniently may be let out or demise the said Lands or such parts thereof as I shall not have let out or demised before my death
in such shares parts and proportions as they may think proper and for the whole term of the Original Leases under which I hold the same
leaving a reversion of a few months to secure the rents to be thereby reserved to my said Trustees upon the Trusts and for the Purposes of my Will
and do and shall upon every such Lease and Demise reserve a Ground Rent or Rents payable quarterly during the term of such Lease or Devise and so proportionately up to the last day of the term
such Rents or Ground Rents to be as follows that is to say
at least as near as may be possible to the Land Rent or Ground Rents set by me on Lot 4 or agreeable to the best opinions to be given by an able Surveyor or Surveyors to be consulted
in such manner that the most Rent may be gained for the same
And also do and shall insert in every such Lease or Demise such Covenants Provisions and Stipulations hitherto usually Contained in the Leases granted by me or as they shall judge proper and requisite in that behalf
and take Counterpart of every such Demise or Lease duly executed by the Lessee or Lessees therein
and with respect to all the Rents and Ground Rents of the said last mentioned Estate and Premisses at Sommers Town
as well as those which have been reserved upon any Demise or Lease Demises or Leases or Agreement or Agreements by me made
as those to be reserved by my said trustees as before directed or to be reserved from those Buildings directed to be sold
In Trust that my said Trustees do and shall in the first place pay such Rent and Income half yearly unto my said Dear Wife and Five Children equally to be divided between them share and share alike as Tenants in Common and not as joint Tenants
till the said Rents or Income shall be sold or disposed of as hereafter directed
but such Rents or Income are to be subject nevertheless to the payment of thirty Pounds per Annum out of the Share of my Son Midford for the Cloathing Maintenance and Education of my Grandson William Hopeful Leroux until he shall attain the full age of thirty one years
and I do hereby Order and Direct my said Trustees their Executors and Administrators that when and as soon after as prudently may be the said last mentioned Estate at Sommers Town shall be Completely and Fully Let Set and Demised as aforesaid
that they make Sale thereof to the best sdvantage and for the most Money that can be procured for the same
and Equally and Fairly divide the produce thereof between my said Dear Wife and Five Children as aforesaid
reserving as much as will be sufficient for the full payment of the Annuity aforesaid and the Maintenance of William Hopeful Leroux till he attains the age of thirty one years
And may God Almighty give a Blessing on these my Gifts and Cause them to turn to the Advantage of the Receivers in this World and the next
Provided always and I do hereby give and bequeath the aforesaid Legacies in manner aforesaid to my Sons Midford and Henry
upon this Express Condition
that the Several Sums I have lent them on Bonds Notes Bills etc or that I have become Security for be first paid or be Secured to be paid by them to my Executors
and also the amount of the Sale of the two Houses being No 7 and 8 in the Polygon at Sommers Town aforesaid
agreeable to the Agreement made for that Purpose between my son Henry and myself
be also fully paid and Satisfied or Secured so to be to the approbation of my Executors
and that Notwithstanding the Want of Stamps to the said Agreement or Notes Bonds or Bills
and that all Rents due to me be fully discharged from my Son Henry aforesaid
and notwithstanding what I have here given to my son Midford Leroux out of the Last mentioned Estate at Sommers Town
yet it is my Will and Desire should he die out of England that half the Produce of the Sale thereof should become the property of his son William Hopefull aforesaid
and be paid to him at the age of twenty one years and to Accumulate in the intermediate time in some of the Public Funds being Government Security
In case at any time after my Decease it should be the wish and Desire of the Majority of my said Wife and Children to set aside the Trusts aforesaid
and to institute an amicable Suit in Either of the Courts of Chancery or Exchequer
for the Purpose of having the respective shares and proportions of my said Wife and Children taken Care of for them
or that the aforesaid trusts may be better accomplished in such manner as they may be respectively entitled unto under this my Will
in such Case I do hereby give my Consent thereto
and that the Expenses thereof shall be paid out of the Produce of my last mentioned Estate at Sommers Town
And for effecting the Purposes aforesaid I do hereby Nominate Constitute and Appoint my said Dear Wife Mary Leroux and my said Brother John Leroux and the Revd John Rennie Executors of this my Will and Testament
and for facilitating the sale and Disposition of my said Estates directed to be Sold Leased or Demised in pursuance of the Trusts aforesaid
I do hereby Expressly provide and declare that the Receipt or receipts of my said trustees aforesaid shall be a Full and sufficient discharge or discharges to any purchasor or purchasors Lessee or Lessees of all or any part of my said real Leasehold or Personal Estates for so much of his or their Purchase or Consideration money as in such Receipt or Receipts shall be acknowledged or Expressed to be received
and I do hereby give the Sum of Fifty Pounds to Each of my Executors (my Wife excepted) for the trouble they will have in the Execution of this mny Will and of the Trusts herein reposed
And lastly I do hereby revoke all former and other Wills by me at any time heretofore made
In Witness whereof I have to the first two Sheets thereof set my hand and to the third and last sheet set my hand and seal this Eleventh Day of April One thousand Seven hundred and Ninety Nine
J Leroux {LS}
Signed Sealed Published and Delivered by the said Testator Jacob Leroux as and for his Last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other have Subscribed our Names as Witnesses to the due Execution hereof
this Eleventh Day of April One thousand Seven hundred and Ninety Nine
Peter Jennings
H W Eaton
H Jno Camp

This Will was proved at London
the Seventh day of May in the year of Our Lord One thousand Seven hundred and Ninety Nine
before the Right Honorable Sir William Wynne Knight Doctor of Laws Master Keeper or Commissary of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury lawfully Constituted
by the Oaths of
Mary Leroux Widow the Relict of the deceased
John Leroux the Brother of the Deceased
and the Reverend John Rennie clerk
the Executors named in the said Will
to whom Administration was granted of All and Singular the Goods Chattels and Credits of the said Deceased
having been first Sworn (to wit)
the said Mary Leroux and John Leroux before the Worshipful Alexander Cross Doctor of Laws and Surrogate
and the said John Rennie by Commission
Duly to Administer.

Jacob Leroux (d. 1799)

Will of 11 Apr 1799, proved 07 May 1799

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