The Tathams of County Durham
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Tatham Family Bibles

Tatham Family Bibles

Listing in date order

Note: The names given to the bibles are arbitrary, and chosen just for ease of reference. The dates in brackets are those of the first known entry.

1. BLOXHAM (1770)
This bible is known from references in Henry Curtis, Notes for a Pedigree of the Tathams of County Durham, 1921-1927.
The first reference is: 'Entry from the Family Bible of Henry Tatham, supplied by Ralph Perceval Tatham, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn Fields: Henry was b. 31 Dec., 1770, at 61, Frith Street, St. Anne's, Westminster.' Further citations follow.
Henry Tatham (1770-1835), a well-known gun and sword maker in Charing Cross, was the 3rd surviving son of Ralph Tatham (1732-1779) and Elizabeth Bloxham. The above entry may have been preceded by that for their marriage in London in 1761, and possibly by earlier entries. It is in any case the oldest known Tatham family bible.
Henry was the great-grandfather of Ralph Perceval Tatham (1883-1961), a London solicitor with a special interest in Tatham family history.
It is possible that the Bloxham bible may be in 2012 in the possession of Regine Tatham née Legge, widow of Christopher Trevor Caton Tatham (1924-2006), the son of Ralph Perceval Tatham.

2. BISHOPTON (1776)
The existence of this bible is only known from extracts copied into the Parker bible (see below). They are headed "Copy from the Family Bible - the original in the Hand Writing of the late Rev. Ra:. Tatham, Vicar of Bishopton - Durham." They begin with Ralph Tatham's marriage in 1776 and continue up to the death of his daughter Ann in 1798.
The Bishopton bible does not seem to have been available to Curtis when he researched the family history in the 1920s.
It probably passed from Rev. Ralph Tatham (1751-1825) to his eldest son Ralph (1778-1857), Master of St. John's College, Cambridge. After Ralph junior died, intestate and without issue, it would have passed to his brother Meaburn (1784-1875) as administrator of his estate.
It seems probable that the transcription of the extracts from the Bishopton bible into the Parker bible below was done by Meaburn Tatham, at some time before his brother Ralph's death in 1857. It is perhaps unlikely there was any earlier information recorded in the Bishopton bible, otherwise Meaburn would have copied that as well.
Since we know that Meaburn passed the Parker bible to his 2nd son George Edmund (1830-1910), it is likely that he passed this older bible to his eldest son Charles Meaburn (1828-1924). Charles would in turn have passed it on to his surviving son Meaburn Talbot (1858-1937), of Northcourt House, Abingdon.
It is not known what became of the Bishopton bible thereafter. Possibly it was among the effects sold off by Meaburn Talbot's daughter Evelyn (1899-1974) in about 1961; or it may have been among the remaining Northcourt contents that Evelyn left in 1974 to her niece Clara Knudsen in Denmark.
It may or not be identical with the historic Geneva Bible ("Breeches Bible") that was kept at Northcourt at least up until the 1960s.

3. KINDER (1783)
This bible is only known from references in Curtis: "An entry, written by John Kinder Tatham [1773-1839], in an old Bible discovered by chance on a book-stall, has been kindly supplied to the present Compiler by Mr. Gerald H. Tatham [1856-1935]."
Curtis notes that it records: "John Kinder Tatham, son of Lawrence and Martha Tatham, was born in London on Friday afternoon, 26th Sept. 1783. Baptised and Registered in the Parish of St. Alphage, Sion College, 23rd Oct., 1783. Educated at Chelsea, and, about the year 1800, Confirmed at the Cathedral of St. Paul's by Dr. Beilby Porteus, Bishop of London [1787-1809]. Married 4th Aug., 1814, at St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, to Miss Mary Downe Turner, of Charles Square, Hoxton, but whom it pleased God to call hence, just as her Sun had reached the meridian of the Pilgrims day, on Sunday, 31st Dec., 1815, in the 33rd year of her age, leaving issue one son, John Turner Tatham, who was born on Friday, 22nd Dec., 1815, about 2 o'clock in the morning (in Charles Square, Hoxton), and was Baptised and Registered at Shoreditch, on Wednesday, 27th Nov., 1816. Commenced his education at Stoke Newington and finished the same at Peckham, and on Thursday, 19th April, 1832, was Confirmed at the Church of St. Mary le Bow, London, by Dr. William Rowley, Archbishop of Canterbury. J. K. Tatham was married, secondly, on Tuesday 15th May, 1827, to Miss Mary Bord, Daughter of the late Mr.Thomas Bord of Bruton, Somersetshire. John Turner Tatham, the only and much loved son of J. K. Tatham, calmly resigned his breath into the hands of his Maker on Thursday, 20th October, 1836, justly endeared by all around him. His mortal remains were deposited in the ancient porch of St. Alphage, Sion College."
It is possible that there were other entries earlier than John Kinder Tatham, who was the 8th of 9 children, but Curtis does not mention any.
This bible is probably not the same as the Warwick Bible.
Nothing is known of the Kinder bible's present whereabouts. It does not seem to be known to any of the descendants of Gerald Hamilton Tatham.

4. PARKER (1792)
This bible, printed in London in 1762, was given in 1792 to Rev. Edward Parker (1763-1809), and passed into the Tatham family through his daughter Elizabeth (1799-1872), the second wife of Meaburn Tatham (1774-1875).
It is referred to several times by Curtis: 'Meaburn Tatham, described at the time of his marriage in 1824, as "of Lincoln's Inn Fields, Solicitor," in an entry in the Family Bible ... was b. 14 Dec., 1784; and d. 2 April, 1875. [...] According to the Family Bible, inscribed with the words "the gift of Mary Smith, Old Elvet, Durham, 1792", belonging to the Rev. George Edmund Tatham, Edward, son of Thomas and Ann Parker of the City of Gloucester, and Jane, dau. of Robert and Mary Robinson of the City of Durham, were m. 28 Aug., 1794, at the pa. Church of Tynemouth, Northumberland. [...] Charles Meaburn, of London, b. 21 Sep., 1828; "bp. on the same day by the Rev. Wm. Tatham; christened at St. Michael's, Royall Coll. Hill, London, on the 4 Jan., 1831;" entry in the Family Bible'.
The Parker bible passed to Meaburn Tatham's 2nd surviving son, George Edmund (1830-1910). After his death it seems have passed to George's 3rd son Charles Edmund (1864-1925) who had a particular interest in the family history. From Charles Edmund it passed to his only son George Edmund (1905-1958), and then to that George Edmund's only son Charles Anthony Murison Tatham (1939-2012). Charles died without issue and his executors kindly passed the bible to Robert Collingwood.

5. WARWICK (1804)
This bible is believed to start with the marriage at Warwick of Lawrence Crew Tatham (1781-1820) & Maria Mallory Lattimer on 04 Jun 1804.
It was not known to Curtis.
The extensive family information has been photocopied and distributed by Pam Devere, who currently has custody of the Warwick bible.

6. HEATHCOTE (1805)
This is the family bible recording the descendants of Charles Heathcote Tatham (1772-1842), through his eldest surviving son Frederick (1805-1878), and then Frederick's eldest son Herbert (1838-1900), who emigrated to Canada.
This bible was not known to Curtis.
A partial transcription has been done by Ben Tatham.
The Heathcote bible is now in the possession of Joseph Charles Tatham, Detroit - its 9th owner.

7. RUDD (1852)
The family bible of Charles Rudd Tatham (1817-1895) starts with his marriage to Mary Hallings on 27 July 1852 and goes down as far as the births of the three sons of his son Stanley (1858-1914). It is a 'Brown’s Bible' - a large tome from the mid-Victorian era. It and the following two bibles are in the care of Patrick Francis Benjamin (Ben) Tatham, Charles Rudd Tatham's great-grandson. None of them is referred to by Curtis.

8. HODGSON (1860)
This is the bible of Michael Hodgson Tatham (1817-1883), a London solicitor, father of seven daughters, and another great-grandfather of Ben Tatham. It is an Imperial Family Bible, which is an enormous volume published in 1860. The Family Register starts with the list of the seven daughters (born 1857-1870).
Ben Tatham writes: 'We have the Michael Tatham family bible with entries for his seven daughters including my grandmother. I can imagine Michael's feelings as he wrote in the name of his seventh daughter!'

9. HALLINGS (1879)
This is another Victorian bible, with a family register between the Old and New Testaments. The register starts with the marriage of Charles Rudd Tatham's son Hallings (1852-1890) to Marianne Lound on 17 Sep 1879. It includes the birth of Horace Hallings (1882-1923) and goes on with Stanley and his three sons.

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