The Tathams of County Durham
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Trevor Hall, East Barnet


Notes: Trevor Hall was the home of the Trevor family. It was on Church Hill Rd, where Stuart Rd is now situated. In June 1929 it was auctioned with three acres for building. Only the lodge to Trevor Hall survives.

After seeing Trevor Hall, East Barnet

Before clean work like yours, Praise hides her head
Ashamed to whisper with her silver tongue.
Silence, receptive of this beauty, hung
A curtain of repose on us, and shed
The peace of pure proportion. Hushed, as dead,
Like a young child to sweet sleep softly sung
By the low cadence of her mother's song,
We two were wrapt in peace, and rendered
Our souls' awed thanks for such a hymn in stone
Of praise to God, who taught you to direct
The Gothic gable, and the Queen Anne white
Window and pillared porch, with, of your own,
Inspired harmonies of mass and light,
Tradition's last, great, master-architect !

Philip Webb

From "Songs of Exuberance", anthology ed. 1915
Publ A C Fifield, Clifford Inn

Latitude: 51.6365, Longitude: -0.1583


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Bulman, Albert Robinson  08 Jun 1924Trevor Hall, East Barnet I2767
2 van Cortlandt, Anna Maria Susan  04 Mar 1919Trevor Hall, East Barnet I4484


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bulman, Albert Robinson  Mar 1901Trevor Hall, East Barnet I2767
2 Bulman, Albert Robinson  Apr 1911Trevor Hall, East Barnet I2767
3 Bulman, Albert Robinson  Jun 1913Trevor Hall, East Barnet I2767
4 Bulman, Edith Marian  Mar 1901Trevor Hall, East Barnet I2629
5 Bulman, Edith Marian  Apr 1911Trevor Hall, East Barnet I2629
6 van Cortlandt, Anna Maria Susan  Mar 1901Trevor Hall, East Barnet I4484
7 van Cortlandt, Anna Maria Susan  Apr 1911Trevor Hall, East Barnet I4484