The Tathams of County Durham
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Vicarage, Dallington


Latitude: 50.9470, Longitude: 0.3585


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Tatham, Thomas Barton  24 Mar 1864Vicarage, Dallington I0956
2 Tatham, Louisa Annie  26 Feb 1852Vicarage, Dallington I1341
3 Tatham, Katharine Elizabeth  06 Feb 1859Vicarage, Dallington I1343
4 Tatham, John Eustace  06 Feb 1859Vicarage, Dallington I1344
5 Tatham, Janet Emily  06 Jan 1866Vicarage, Dallington I1346
6 Tatham, Henry Willmer  03 Mar 1851Vicarage, Dallington I1340
7 Tatham, Florence Harriette  26 May 1862Vicarage, Dallington I1345
8 Tatham, Edward Henry Ralph  01 Jun 1857Vicarage, Dallington I1347
9 Tatham, Charles John Willmer  05 Nov 1860Vicarage, Dallington I1350
10 Tatham, Caroline Mary  18 Jul 1853Vicarage, Dallington I1351
11 Tatham, Adeline Maud  26 Jun 1855Vicarage, Dallington I1342


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Willmer, Caroline  24 Jul 1867Vicarage, Dallington I1338
2 Tatham, Louisa Annie  17 Apr 1866Vicarage, Dallington I1341
3 Tatham, John Eustace  25 Jun 1860Vicarage, Dallington I1344
4 Tatham, Henry Willmer  05 Mar 1851Vicarage, Dallington I1340
5 Tatham, Florence Harriette  14 Mar 1870Vicarage, Dallington I1345


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Willmer, Caroline  Apr 1861Vicarage, Dallington I1338
2 Tatham, Thomas Barton  Apr 1871Vicarage, Dallington I0956
3 Tatham, Ralph Raisbeck  Apr 1891Vicarage, Dallington I0263
4 Tatham, Ralph Raisbeck  Apr 1881Vicarage, Dallington I0263
5 Tatham, Ralph Raisbeck  Apr 1871Vicarage, Dallington I0263
6 Tatham, Ralph Raisbeck  Apr 1861Vicarage, Dallington I0263
7 Tatham, Louisa Annie  Apr 1861Vicarage, Dallington I1341
8 Tatham, Katharine Elizabeth  Apr 1871Vicarage, Dallington I1343
9 Tatham, Katharine Elizabeth  Apr 1861Vicarage, Dallington I1343
10 Tatham, Janet Emily  Apr 1891Vicarage, Dallington I1346
11 Tatham, Janet Emily  Apr 1881Vicarage, Dallington I1346
12 Tatham, Janet Emily  Apr 1871Vicarage, Dallington I1346
13 Tatham, Edward Henry Ralph  Apr 1881Vicarage, Dallington I1347
14 Tatham, Edward Henry Ralph  Apr 1861Vicarage, Dallington I1347
15 Tatham, Charles John Willmer  Apr 1861Vicarage, Dallington I1350
16 Tatham, Caroline Mary  Apr 1891Vicarage, Dallington I1351
17 Tatham, Caroline Mary  Apr 1881Vicarage, Dallington I1351
18 Tatham, Caroline Mary  Apr 1871Vicarage, Dallington I1351
19 Tatham, Caroline Mary  Apr 1861Vicarage, Dallington I1351
20 Tatham, Caroline  Apr 1891Vicarage, Dallington I0257
21 Tatham, Adeline Maud  Apr 1891Vicarage, Dallington I1342
22 Tatham, Adeline Maud  Apr 1881Vicarage, Dallington I1342
23 Tatham, Adeline Maud  Apr 1871Vicarage, Dallington I1342
24 Tatham, Adeline Maud  Apr 1861Vicarage, Dallington I1342