The Tathams of County Durham
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New Zealand?


Tree: Tatham
Country : Latitude: -41.2865, Longitude: 174.7762


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 (Sealy), Rebecca  est 1861New Zealand? I1241 Tatham 
2 Baker, Roy Edward  29 Jan 1925New Zealand? I4260 Tatham 
3 Bamford, Michael Tatham  est 1931New Zealand? I4907 Tatham 
4 Currie, Elnor Lawrie  abt 1882New Zealand? I5661 Tatham 
5 Davies, Hilary Havilland William  est 1919New Zealand? I5623 Tatham 
6 Dickason, Iris Elinor  03 Jun 1924New Zealand? I4005 Tatham 
7 Dix, Margharita Daphne  14 Dec 1923New Zealand? I1311 Tatham 
8 Farrer, Sybil Mary Neville  28 Aug 1885New Zealand? I2433 Tatham 
9 Gill, Mary Anne  est 1849New Zealand? I1197 Tatham 
10 Hunter, John Haig  est 1904New Zealand? I5521 Tatham 
11 Jackson, Alec  02 Jan 1952New Zealand? I5747 Tatham 
12 Jackson, Lynne  21 Jun 1954New Zealand? I5748 Tatham 
13 Jackson, Ruby Violet  24 Jul 1909New Zealand? I5519 Tatham 
14 Jackson, Samuel Theodore  abt 1868New Zealand? I5745 Tatham 
15 Kincey, Ada Elinor  est 1888New Zealand? I5645 Tatham 
16 Mark, Mary Louise  est 1895New Zealand? I1355 Tatham 
17 Maunsell, Edward Robert  abt 1907New Zealand? I4212 Tatham 
18 Meredith, William Alleyne Laird  est 1869New Zealand? I2170 Tatham 
19 Moore, Ivan Clifford Owen  abt 1920New Zealand? I4259 Tatham 
20 Morris, Thomas Charles  03 Dec 1873New Zealand? I4884 Tatham 
21 Nitz, Rudolph Henry  09 Oct 1873New Zealand? I3588 Tatham 
22 Sedgwick, Arthur Henry  abt 1853New Zealand? I1200 Tatham 
23 Tait, Margaret Gillian  28 Feb 1930New Zealand? I4268 Tatham 
24 Tatham, Richard Druce  est 1938New Zealand? I4003 Tatham 
25 Vennell, Elizabeth Ann  1849New Zealand? I5344 Tatham 
26 von Tunzelmann, Francis Victor Johnathon  23 Aug 1928New Zealand? I5629 Tatham 
27 von Tunzelmann, Joyce Doreen  22 Nov 1921New Zealand? I5615 Tatham 
28 von Tunzelmann, Winifred Elizabeth  18 Apr 1917New Zealand? I5580 Tatham 
29 Wait, Robert Henry  est 1849New Zealand? I1202 Tatham 
30 Waite, William  est 1840New Zealand? I3579 Tatham 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baker, Roy Edward  2005New Zealand? I4260 Tatham 
2 Bamford, Michael Tatham  1991New Zealand? I4907 Tatham 
3 Bamford, Ronald Knowles  1968New Zealand? I4211 Tatham 
4 Bunny, Henry Robert  1919New Zealand? I5343 Tatham 
5 Catt, Bernard Lewes  aft 1963New Zealand? I0618 Tatham 
6 Davies, Hilary Havilland William  YesNew Zealand? I5623 Tatham 
7 Jackson, Alec  25 Apr 2002New Zealand? I5747 Tatham 
8 Jackson, Lynne  25 Apr 1995New Zealand? I5748 Tatham 
9 Jackson, Ruby Violet  16 Jul 1981New Zealand? I5519 Tatham 
10 Meredith, Clarence Montague  abt 1973New Zealand? I4270 Tatham 
11 Meredith, John Clarence  Jan 2012New Zealand? I4271 Tatham 
12 Meredith, William Alleyne Laird  1955New Zealand? I2170 Tatham 
13 Moore, Ivan Clifford Owen  1951New Zealand? I4259 Tatham 
14 Morris, Thomas Charles  18 Jun 1948New Zealand? I4884 Tatham 
15 Nicol, John Athol  abt 30 Jun 1969New Zealand? I4262 Tatham 
16 Read, Gwen Raema  1989New Zealand? I2177 Tatham 
17 Sealy, Ernest Herbert  InfantNew Zealand? I1209 Tatham 
18 Tatham, Doris Beatrice  1963New Zealand? I2173 Tatham 
19 Tatham, Phyllis Rehu  2000New Zealand? I2174 Tatham 
20 Vennell, Elizabeth Ann  1928New Zealand? I5344 Tatham 
21 von Tunzelmann, Ella Johanna  abt Dec 1956New Zealand? I4863 Tatham 
22 von Tunzelmann, Francis Victor Johnathon  YesNew Zealand? I5629 Tatham 
23 von Tunzelmann, Joyce Doreen  25 Oct 2003New Zealand? I5615 Tatham 
24 von Tunzelmann, Winifred Elizabeth  27 Apr 1923New Zealand? I5580 Tatham 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Catt, Walter Edward  1894New Zealand? I4935 Tatham 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bunny / Vennell  1871New Zealand? F1933 Tatham 
2 Catt / Hipkin  abt 1904New Zealand? F1721 Tatham 
3 Hunter / Jackson  1963New Zealand? F2073 Tatham 
4 Jackson / Ashbrook  abt 1938New Zealand? F1990 Tatham 
5 Marshall / Wheeler  1901New Zealand? F1019 Tatham 
6 Nicol / Horner  21 May 1931New Zealand? F1277 Tatham 
7 Sealy / (Sealy)  est 1879New Zealand? F0625 Tatham 
8 Wagg / Tait  abt 1945New Zealand? F1280 Tatham