The Tathams of County Durham
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New Zealand


Latitude: -41.2865, Longitude: 174.7762


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Coney, Aubrey St Ives  abt Feb 1886New Zealand I5648
2 Dalziel, Olive Hinemoa  abt 1904New Zealand I4279
3 Free, Wilfred Laughton  1897New Zealand I4282
4 Lambert, Charles Colton  03 Jan 1845New Zealand I4876
5 Mason, Walter George  abt Feb 1877New Zealand I5660
6 Meredith, Clarence Montague  abt 1899New Zealand I4270
7 Norris, Ethel Annabel  1869New Zealand I4868
8 Norris, Ida Mary  1877New Zealand I4870
9 Sealy, Alfred Christopher  est 1850New Zealand I1198
10 Sealy, Alfred Desmond  1890New Zealand I1354
11 Sealy, Alice Louisa  1854New Zealand I1201
12 Sealy, Alice Pearl  1884New Zealand I1295
13 Sealy, Arthur Leonard  abt 1856New Zealand I1195
14 Sealy, Charles Alfred Saville  1877New Zealand I1216
15 Sealy, Christopher Byers  1880New Zealand I1242
16 Sealy, Eileen Mary  1882New Zealand I1258
17 Sealy, Ernest Herbert  1862New Zealand I1209
18 Sealy, Frederick William Byers  1871New Zealand I1212
19 Sealy, Harold Christopher  1875New Zealand I1213
20 Sealy, Herbert Sparks  13 Apr 1859New Zealand I1208
21 Sealy, Irene Maude  1884New Zealand I1287
22 Sealy, Maude Mary  abt 1851New Zealand I1199
23 Sealy, Ruth Emma  1879New Zealand I1220
24 Sealy, William Byers Stanley  1887New Zealand I1353
25 Sealy, William George  abt 1848New Zealand I1196
26 Wagg, Clarence Guy Charles  abt 1893New Zealand I4257


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Bunny, Clara Cecilia  04 Dec 1959New Zealand I2172
2 Coney, Aubrey St Ives  abt Nov 1951New Zealand I5648
3 Dix, Margharita Daphne  25 Oct 2009New Zealand I1311
4 Kincey, Ada Elinor  abt Aug 1947New Zealand I5645
5 Lambert, Grace Alice  29 Jul 1942New Zealand I4879
6 Lambert, Heathcote Arundel  07 Sep 1961New Zealand I4881
7 Lambert, Maud Mary  Feb 1958New Zealand I4877
8 Mason, Walter George  1964New Zealand I5660
9 Nitz, Rudolph Henry  22 Jan 1946New Zealand I3588
10 Sealy, Alfred Christopher  1863New Zealand I1198
11 Sealy, Arthur Leonard  1918New Zealand I1195
12 Sealy, Charles Alfred Saville  1892New Zealand I1216
13 Sealy, Herbert Sparks  1861New Zealand I1208
14 Sealy, Maude Mary  1912New Zealand I1199
15 Sealy, William George  1881New Zealand I1196
16 Sedgwick, Arthur Henry  1931New Zealand I1200
17 Tait, Margaret Gillian  2000New Zealand I4268
18 Tatham, Ralph Heathcote  18 Jun 1995New Zealand I2175
19 von Tunzelmann, Lucia Julia  1958New Zealand I4861
20 Wagg, Guy Tatham  1999New Zealand I4267
21 Waite, Rosa Mary  10 Oct 1960New Zealand I4859
22 Wheeler, Samuel William  abt Feb 1923New Zealand I4874


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Christopher, Matilda Anne  abt 1848New Zealand I2683
2 Dickason, Charles William  abt 1908New Zealand I5644
3 Sealy, William Byers  abt 1848New Zealand I4366
4 Tatham, Allen Harding  New Zealand I1233
5 Tatham, Georgiana  1850New Zealand I1552
6 Tatham, Timothy William  1953New Zealand I0998
7 Wheeler, Edwin  1850New Zealand I1801
8 Wheeler, Eliza Philippa  1850New Zealand I3522
9 Wheeler, Emma  1850New Zealand I2166
10 Wheeler, Frederick Edmund  1850New Zealand I1843
11 Wheeler, Georgina  1850New Zealand I3578
12 Wheeler, Julia Annie  1850New Zealand I3156
13 Wheeler, Maria Louisa  1850New Zealand I3523


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Bunny, Henry Robert  abt Jul 1935New Zealand I5343


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Maunsell, Edward Robert  1952New Zealand I4212
2 Tatham, Phyllis Rehu  1952New Zealand I2174


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Baranoff / von Tunzelmann  1926New Zealand F2074
2 Coney / Waite  1912New Zealand F2036
3 Dickason / Kincey  1909New Zealand F2034
4 Farrer / Hickson  est 1884New Zealand F0597
5 Mason / Currie  1903New Zealand F2042
6 Meredith / Horner  abt 1923New Zealand F1281
7 Sealy / Gill  1870New Zealand F0577
8 Sealy / Mark  1920New Zealand F0656
9 Sedgwick / Sealy  1880New Zealand F0591
10 Tatham / Dickason  abt Jun 1947New Zealand F1183
11 Tatham / Dix  1973New Zealand F0317
12 Tatham / Read  1929New Zealand F0510
13 Wait / Sealy  1883New Zealand F0624
14 Wheeler / Graham  1881New Zealand F1506