The Tathams of County Durham
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Highgate Cemetery


Tree: Tatham
Location : Latitude: 51.5673, Longitude: -0.1465


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bedwell, Anna Maria  Highgate Cemetery I0895 Tatham 
2 Christopher, Freville Gurney  10 May 1930Highgate Cemetery I1765 Tatham 
3 Christopher, Helen Stanley  23 Sep 1932Highgate Cemetery I2739 Tatham 
4 Collingridge, Thomas  15 Aug 1850Highgate Cemetery I0013 Tatham 
5 Hallings, Michael  15 Dec 1869Highgate Cemetery I3249 Tatham 
6 Kennedy, William Rann  21 Jan 1915Highgate Cemetery I1590 Tatham 
7 Richmond, Anthony Walter  08 Jan 1980Highgate Cemetery I2505 Tatham 
8 Richmond, Cecilia Sarah  24 Apr 1928Highgate Cemetery I1545 Tatham 
9 Richmond, Edith  08 Mar 1934Highgate Cemetery I1544 Tatham 
10 Richmond, George  22 Mar 1896Highgate Cemetery I0734 Tatham 
11 Richmond, Harry Inglis  Highgate Cemetery I1546 Tatham 
12 Richmond, John  30 Aug 1918Highgate Cemetery I1548 Tatham 
13 Richmond, Julia  08 Jun 1906Highgate Cemetery I0735 Tatham 
14 Richmond, Walter Coleridge  04 May 1931Highgate Cemetery I1547 Tatham 
15 Stevens, Elizabeth Henley  24 Feb 1864Highgate Cemetery I2746 Tatham 
16 Tatham, Adelaide Sophia  aft 23 Apr 1906Highgate Cemetery I0934 Tatham 
17 Tatham, Anna Maria  aft 18 Nov 1918Highgate Cemetery I0933 Tatham 
18 Tatham, Edith  Highgate Cemetery I0936 Tatham 
19 Tatham, Eleanor Perceval  08 Apr 1916Highgate Cemetery I0937 Tatham 
20 Tatham, Emma  Highgate Cemetery I0935 Tatham 
21 Tatham, Florence Perceval  19 Jun 1863Highgate Cemetery I0939 Tatham 
22 Tatham, Joseph  aft 22 Jul 1883Highgate Cemetery I0894 Tatham 
23 Tatham, Joseph Perceval  21 Oct 1914Highgate Cemetery I0896 Tatham 
24 Tatham, Julia  12 Jan 1881Highgate Cemetery I0733 Tatham 
25 Tatham, Kathleen  Highgate Cemetery I0938 Tatham 
26 Tatham, Laura Perceval  18 Feb 1848Highgate Cemetery I1496 Tatham 
27 Tatham, Percy  13 Jul 1915Highgate Cemetery I1720 Tatham 
28 Tatham, Richard Day  13 Apr 1841Highgate Cemetery I0818 Tatham 
29 Tatham, Sherman Ralph  10 Jul 1923Highgate Cemetery  I1507 Tatham 
30 Tatham, Sherman Trevor  28 May 1919Highgate Cemetery I1506 Tatham 
31 Tatham, Thomas Trevor  16 Feb 1866Highgate Cemetery I0250 Tatham 
32 Tatham, William Henry  04 Dec 1858Highgate Cemetery I0813 Tatham