The Tathams of County Durham
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Great Ryburgh


Tree: Tatham
Location : Latitude: 52.8070, Longitude: 0.9091


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Tatham, Agnes Elizabeth Marian  06 Mar 1872Great Ryburgh I0043 Tatham 
2 Tatham, Charles Edmund  05 Aug 1864Great Ryburgh I0072 Tatham 
3 Tatham, Edith Gertrude Marian  12 Dec 1869Great Ryburgh I0042 Tatham 
4 Tatham, Edward Ernst  02 Apr 1866Great Ryburgh I0078 Tatham 
5 Tatham, Emily Betha Marian  20 Dec 1875Great Ryburgh I0047 Tatham 
6 Tatham, Frederick Hugh  17 Feb 1868Great Ryburgh I0084 Tatham 
7 Tatham, George Allen Ralph  14 Aug 1860Great Ryburgh I0048 Tatham 
8 Tatham, Meaburn  14 Dec 1873Great Ryburgh I0094 Tatham 
9 Tatham, William Meaburn  30 Jul 1862Great Ryburgh I0057 Tatham 


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Event    Person ID   Tree 
1 Block, Elizabeth Susan  13 Oct 1882Great Ryburgh I0029 Tatham 
2 Block, Elizabeth Susan  26 May 1884Great Ryburgh I0029 Tatham 
3 Block, Elizabeth Susan  18 Apr 1891Great Ryburgh I0029 Tatham 
4 Buller, Louisa Valetta  13 Oct 1882Great Ryburgh I0058 Tatham 
5 Tatham, Agnes Elizabeth Marian  09 May 1883Great Ryburgh I0043 Tatham 
6 Tatham, Agnes Elizabeth Marian  27 May 1884Great Ryburgh I0043 Tatham 
7 Tatham, Agnes Elizabeth Marian  18 Apr 1891Great Ryburgh I0043 Tatham 
8 Tatham, Charles Edmund  13 Oct 1882Great Ryburgh I0072 Tatham 
9 Tatham, Charles Edmund  18 Apr 1891Great Ryburgh I0072 Tatham 
10 Tatham, Edith Gertrude Marian  13 Oct 1882Great Ryburgh I0042 Tatham 
11 Tatham, Edith Gertrude Marian  18 Apr 1891Great Ryburgh I0042 Tatham 
12 Tatham, Edward Ernst  09 May 1883Great Ryburgh I0078 Tatham 
13 Tatham, Edward Ernst  27 May 1884Great Ryburgh I0078 Tatham 
14 Tatham, Emily Betha Marian  09 May 1883Great Ryburgh I0047 Tatham 
15 Tatham, Emily Betha Marian  18 Apr 1891Great Ryburgh I0047 Tatham 
16 Tatham, George Allen Ralph  18 Apr 1891Great Ryburgh I0048 Tatham 
17 Tatham, George Edmund  26 May 1884Great Ryburgh I0025 Tatham 
18 Tatham, George Edmund  14 Jan 1886Great Ryburgh I0025 Tatham 
19 Tatham, William Meaburn  13 Oct 1882Great Ryburgh I0057 Tatham