The Tathams of County Durham
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Robert Bristow Tatham II and his descendants in the United States

* Robert Bristow Tatham II was born in the Royal Artillery Barracks, Clonmel, Ireland on 30 Nov 1869, the elder son of Herbert Tatham and his wife Emily Evans Springer.
* He was the great-nephew of, and named after, the first Robert Bristow Tatham, who went out to Natal with his brother Edmund in 1850. It is from those two brothers that nearly all the Tathams of South Africa descend.
* On 21 Sep 1879 the family set off for Canada, travelling from Liverpool on the "Peruvian".
* In 1891 Robert Bristow Tatham was working in Westminster, Ontario, as clerk in a tailor's store.
* In 1895 he moved to Saginaw, Michigan, and became a US citizen.
* The following year he married Bregatta Fordney, daughter of a successful lumberman in Saginaw.
* Robert too went into the lumber business, spending a number of years as manager of a sawmill in Laurel, Missouri, and not returning to Saginaw till the 1920s.
* In 1924 he and his wife visited England, and tried to contact his Tatham relations, but, surprisingly, without much success.
* In 1947 his wife Bregatta wrote to the US consul in Durban, asking for help in finding descendants in South Africa of the earlier Robert Bristow Tatham who had gone to Natal. This time the quest was successful and the two families were in correspondence for a while.
* Subsequently however the contacts again dried up. We therefore have no information on the Tathams in USA later than the 1980s.
* Any help in tracing Robert's family - and that of his brother Charles - will be much appreciated!
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 Mystery Photos

Ryburgh Rectory children

These much faded photos are believed to have been taken in front of Ryburgh Rectory in about 1910-1912. But who are the children? Is the younger one Betty (Betha Wenefred Tatham 1903-1999)? And who is the other one? She (or he?) seems too young to be Drina (1894-1984). All suggestions welcomed!
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Sister of Meaburn Smith, attaché at the Hague

Used to be toasted at Court at the Hague as a Beauty
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Mystery Lady

This portrait was passed down to Pam Devere as one of a bundle of family photos. It bears no date or inscription, and the photographer's name is illegible. The lady looks to be in her 30s or 40s, and her costume suggests a date around 1900 or perhaps slightly earlier. She is thought to be a relation of Henry Edward Tatham (1865-1922) but has not been identified. If anyone recognizes her, please get in touch!
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