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Meaburn Tatham Family Bible


Edward Parker, 1792.
Gift of Mary Smith, Old Elvet, Durham, 1792.

Page No. 1

Edward, Son of Thomas & Ann Parker of the City of Gloucester, and Jane, Daughter of Robert & Mary Robinson of the City of Durham, were married the 28th Day of Aug. AD 1794 at the Parish Church of Tynemouth, in the County of Northumberland, by the Revd. Mr. Allison.

Mary Ann, Daughter of the above Edwd. & Jane Parker, was born on Tuesday Morning Dec. the 15th 1795 at 3 o'Clock A.M.

Mary Ann Baptized Dec. the 17th '95 & christd. May the 12th 1796.

Mary Ann, Inoculated by Mr. Ward, March the 14th '96.

Sponsors to Mary Ann, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Mills, & Mr. Haigh.

Mary Ann had the Hooping Cough Dec. 1800.

Elizabeth, Daughter of the above Edwd. & Jane Parker was born on Wednesday Forenoon at 5 Minutes past 10 o'Clock 1799, & privately baptized the same Day being the 30th Day of Oct. and chrisd. the 18th of Dec. 1799. Sponsors Mrs. Ellison Mrs. Haslewood, Mrs. S. Hopper.

Elizabeth had the Hooping Cough Decr. 1800.

Page No. 2

Sarah Jane, Daughter of Edwd. & Jane Parker, was born on Saturday Night a quarter before 12, Dec. the 27th 1800. Baptized Janry. the 1st 1801.

Christened Augst. the 12th 1801. Sponsors Mrs. Haslewood, Miss Sarah Hayes, & the Revd. Mr. Nicolay.

Inoculated with the Cow Pox, March the 9th 1801.

Supposed to be born with the Hooping Cough.

March the 21st 1802 Sunday 1/2 past 2 o'Clock, Mary Ann was Providentially preserved from being burn't, having fallen over the dining room Fender: was lifted up by Sarah Alderson, and not materially hurt. Laus Deo.

Nov. the 26th 1802. The Measles appeared in Mary Ann, who recovered very well. Dec. 9th they appeared also on Elizabeth, and the Day following, very slightly, on Sarah Jane. Both recovered in a few Days.

Mary Ann, on her Birth Day the 15th of Dec. appeared unwell, & on the 18th grew much worse; from which Time she gradually lost Strength till the 5th. of Feb. 1803, when at 20 Minutes past Six o'Clock on Saturday Even. without a Struggle, she left her Parents to lament her Loss !!!

April 29th 1824 Elizabeth married to Meaburn Tatham of Lincolns Inn Fields London Solicitor, third son of the Revd. R. Tatham of Bishopton in the County of Durham by the Revd. Mr. Nicolay at the Parish Church of St Katharine London

Page No. 3

5th March 1825 - Ralph, Son of Meaburn & Elizabeth Tatham, was born at 1/4 before 12 o'Clock on Saturday night - M. Tatham.

Baptised in private by the Revd. Mr. Nicolay 7th March 1825.

Christened at St. George Bloomsbury 11th June 1825.

6th June 1826 - Elizth. Jane Daughter of the above was born at 10 o'Clock in the morning, baptized in private by the Revd. Mr. Nicolay on the 7th June 1826. Christened at St. Geo. Bloomsbury 12th Oct. 1826.

13th July 1826 Ralph departed this life at 1/2 past 5 o'Clock in the Evening, & was buried at the Parish of St. George Bloomsbury on the 17th of the same month.

5th Jany. 1827 Elizth. Jane died at 6 o'Clock in the morning & was buried at the same place on the 9th of the same month.

21st Sept. 1828 - Charles Meaburn Son of Meaburn & Elizth. Tatham was born at nine o'Clock on Sunday Morning - Baptized on the Evening of the same Day by the Revd. Wm. Tatham.

Christened at St. Michaels Royal College Hill London on the 4th Jany. 1831.

[in margin] died at Cary Castle near Torquay on 19th July 1924 aged 93 years.

!2th Nov. 1830 - George Edmund Son of the same born at 4 o'Clock on Friday afternoon.

Christened at College Hill, London, on the 4th Jany. 1831.

[in margin] died at "Good Shelter", Penn, Bucks, October 25th 1910.

Page No. 4

22nd May 1832 - Meaburn Smith, Son of Meaburn & Elizth. Tatham born at 10 o'Clock in the morning - privately baptized by the Rev. Mr. Nicolay the following Day - Christened at College Hill.

April 1834 - Chas. & Meaburn had the measles.

5th August 1834 - William the Son of Elizabeth & Meaburn Tatham born at 1/2 past 11 o'Clock at night. Baptized privately by Mr. Nicolay on the 7th August.

17th Sept. 1835 - Mary Ann the Daughter of the same parents born at 1/2 past 5 o'Clock in the morning at Highgate. Baptized by the Rev. Mr. Nicolay the following day

[in margin] married Thomas F. Pardoe 1875. died at 35 Brunswick Place Brighton 11th May 1915.

1835 Nov. 26th - Wm. and Mary christened at Highgate Middlesex by the Rev. Mr. Nicolay.

1843 9th March - Ralph Edwd. born at 1/4 past 3 o'clock in the morning. Christened at St. Michael's Highgate 17th April 1843

[in margin] died at 20 York St. London Sep. 16th 1907.

1870 5th October. Meaburn Smith Tatham departed thus life at a 1/4 past 12 at night & was buried at Bournemouth Hampshire. Aged 38.

1872 14th January - Elizabeth wife of Meaburn Tatham died at Merton Lodge Highgate . buried January 19th 1872 at Ryburgh - Aged 73.

Page No. 5

Mr. Mitchell, husband of Sarah Mitchell sister to Elizabeth Tatham, died at Haslemere, 28th October 1872.

Page No. 6

Rev. George Edmund Tatham son of Meaburn & Elizabeth Tatham married to Elizabeth Susan dau. of Allen Wm. Block of Parkfield Highgate at S. Michael's Church Highgate Feb. 13 1857, departed this life at "Good Shelter" Penn Bucks Oct 25 1910 & was buried in Tyler's Green Churchyard Oct 28th 1910 aged 79.

Elizabeth Susan Tatham wife of Rev. George Edmund Tatham departed this life at 10, Hanover House Regent's Park NW July 2nd 1917 aged 82 & was buried at Tyler's Green on Friday July 6th 1917 at 3.30 o'clock.

William son of Meaburn & Elizabeth Tatham married to Jane Arabella, only daughter of the Rev. William & Jane Vaughan of Pontesbury Shropshire: May 7th 1872 at St. James Piccadilly.

William son of Meaburn & Elizabeth departed this life December 22nd 1876 and was buried in Willesden Churchyard on Thursday December 28th (Innocents' Day) 1876 - aged 42 years.

Page No. 7

Family of the Revnd. George Edmund Tatham & Elizabeth Susan Tatham.

Marian Susan born 1858 at Norfolk died at Malvern 1868.

George Allen Ralph born Augst. 14th 1860, married 3rd Sept 1891 Mary daughter of the Rev Thomas Welbank Fowle at the parish church St. Nicholas Islip nr Oxford.
Four children:
Allen Ralph born Aug 4th 1892
Marian Sarah - do - April 22nd 1894
Elsa Mary - do - July 25 1895 - married
Wilfrid George - do - Dec 12 1898

William Meaburn born July 30 1862 married Jany. 7 1886 Louisa Valetta daughter of Frederick Pole Buller at the church of St. Matthias Earl's Court London.
Nine children:
Beryl Valetta Nov 13th, 1886 - married
Oswald Meaburn Feb 25, 1888 - died Winnipeg
Muriel Mary Nov 2, 1889
Bernard Meaburn Aug 18, 1891
Mary Agnes March 18, 1893
Agnes Jan 21, 1895
Veronica Mary Aug 6, 1897
Wilfrid Meaburn April 21, 1899
Bridget Edith Mary Nov 29, 1902

Charles Edmund born Aug. 5th 1864 married July 16 1904 Ethel Rose daughter of James Hughes at Christ Church Lancaster Gate London W. Died Feby. 27th 1925. Buried Hampstead London NW3
Three children:
George Edmund June 28th 1905. Died Xmas Day 1958
Rosa Winifred Sept 25h 1906. Died Nov 29 1974.
Elizabeth Susan Nov 13th 1909.

Page No. 8

Edward Ernst born April 2 1866 married Janry. 1898 Cicely Mary daughter of S Harman Sturgis at St. Mary Abbots Church Kensington London W.
2 children:
Philip Robert Dec 31st 1898
Mona Cicely Sept 12 1901

Frederick Hugh born Febry. 17th 1868 married June 22nd 1893 Helen Marie Thurnall of Kettering Northamptonshire.
Five children:
Drina Sept 16 1894
Derick May 18 1896
George Laurence Sept 18 1899
Terence Howard Nov 14 1900
Betha Winefrid April 13 1903

Edith Gertrude Marian born Dec 12th 1870 married Henry William Eliot Molony Dec 29th 1891 at the church of St Paul's East Molesey.
Children 3 sons & 5 daughters.

Agnes Elizabeth Marian born March 6th 1872 married June 9th 1896 Arthur Langstaff of Havre.
Children 1 son & 3 daughters.

Meaburn born Dec 1873 died at Ryburgh Norfolk 1876

Emily Betha Marian born Dec 20th 1875.

Feb 15th 1936.
George Edmund Tatham married Diana Elizabeth Lily Murison daughter of Sir William Murison.
Camilla Susan Rosa. Nov 14th 1936.
Charles Anthony Murison. March 29th 1939.

Dec 4th 1928.
Rosa Winifred Tatham married Herbert Victor Henrotin, 3rd son of Mr. Henrotin of Le Havre, France

Oct 7th 1941.
Elizabeth Susan Tatham married Michael Thomas Lean Wilkinson younger son of Brigadier M. L. Wilkinson. (died in jungle S. E. Asia, 1943 5th August)

Page No. 9

Copy from the Family Bible - the Original in the Hand Writing of the late Rev. Ra: Tatham Vicar of Bishopton - Durham.

Ra: Tatham of Sunderland late of St. Johns Coll: Cambridge & Ann Smith Daur of Meaburn Smith Esqre. of Morton House in the Co. of Dur. were married at Houghton le Spring Sep: 25th 1776. -
Their children:
Ann was born at Berwick upon Tweed - Aug 27th, 1777.

Ralph - at Barton in the parish of Whittingham Northumberland Oct 26th, 1778.
[note on facing page] died 19th January 1857.

Elizabeth - do- Aug. 28th, 1780.

Thomas - do - May 4th, 1783.

Meaburn - do - Dec. 14th, 1784.
The above died at Merton Lodge, April 2nd, 1875.

William at Easington, Durham, June 8th, 1787

Mary - do - April 13th, 1789.
The above died at Merton Lodge, Jan. 15th, 1871.

Charles at Sherburn House - do - Feb 13, 1792.

Elizabeth died and was buried at Sherburn House Jan. 27th, 1797, An: Aetatis 17.

Ann - do - July 14th, 1798, An. Aetatis 21.