The Tathams of County Durham
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Bridget Lawrence

Female abt 1647 -

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Robert Tatham
Male abt Feb 1674/75-1699
Ann (Tatham)
Female est 1679-1706
Ralph Tatham
Male 1702-1752
Mary Robinson
Female abt Feb 1692/93-bef 1748
John Coxon
Male 1770-
Elizabeth Tatham
Female abt 1750-abt 1834
William Coxon
Male est 1745-bef 1780
Mary Todd
Female 1781-
Joseph Todd
Male 1785-1825
Jane Todd
Female abt 1788-
William Todd
Male est 1745-
Ann Tatham
Female 1777-1798
Ralph Tatham
Male 1778-1857
Elizabeth Tatham
Female 1780-1797
Thomas Tatham
Male 1783-1850
Meaburn Tatham
Male 1784-1875
Sarah Litkevich
Female abt 1791-1819
Ralph Tatham
Male 1825-1826
Silvia Tatham
Female 1885-1958
Meaburn Tatham
Male 1886-1976
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June Rabon
Female 1905-1985
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Elsa Mary Tatham
Female 1895-abt 1979
John Clayton
Male est 1881-bef 1959
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Muriel Mary Tatham
Female 1889-abt 1982
Percy Barnard Mackay
Male abt 1864-1929
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Bernard Meaburn Tatham
Male 1891-abt 1965
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Agnes Tatham
Female 1895-abt 1978
Frank Oswald Dowdall
Male 1896-abt 1975
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Kitty Roberts
Female 1907-1997
Douglas Walter Stokes
Male 1901-abt 1979
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George Laurence Tatham
Male 1899-abt 1978
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Edith Mary Case
Female 1903-abt 1979
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Rupert Theodore Tatham
Male abt 1905-abt 1905
Elizabeth Seager
Female 1894-1982
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Gerald Hunter
Male abt 1905-abt 1985
Basil Harry Molony
Male abt 1904-1968
Helena Mary Harrison
Female 1908-abt 1982
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Rudolf Bretz
Male 1900-1952
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Gladys Langstaff
Female abt 1905-
Arthur Langstaff
Male abt 1866-1950
Meaburn Tatham
Male 1873-1876
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Mabel Tatham
Female 1863-1909
William Tatham
Male 1834-1876
Jane Arabella Vaughan
Female abt 1838-1913
Mary Ann Tatham
Female 1835-1915
Elizabeth Parker
Female 1799-1872
William Tatham
Male 1787-1834
Mary Tatham
Female 1789-1871
Charles Tatham
Male 1792-1827
Ralph Tatham
Male abt 1751-1825
Anne Smith
Female abt 1758-1847
Ann Tatham
Female abt 1752-1752
Elizabeth Yellowley
Female est 1728-abt 1753
Ann Tatham
Female 1704-
Richard Hurdman
Male est 1699-
Samuel Tatham
Male abt 1761-Infant
Elizabeth Tatham
Female 1800-1877
Charlotte Twiss
Female 1823-1895
Robert Twiss
Male 1825-1881
Mary Ann Twiss
Female 1826-1892
George Twiss
Male 1831-1901
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Mary Ann Tatham
Female 1801-1876
George Edward Twiss
Male abt 1789-1833
John Tatham
Male 1805-1877
Walter Fawcett
Male abt 1872-1959
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Alice Beatrice Young
Female abt 1869-1934
Margaret Alice Tatham
Female abt 1878-1956
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William Tatham
Male 1837-1879
Mary Vidler
Female abt 1853-1934
Arthur Tatham
Male 1839-1925
Herbert Tatham
Male 1840-1841
Lucy Ann Tatham
Female 1842-1928
Hamilton Tatham
Male 1843-1903
Algernon Tatham
Male 1847-1910
William Tatham
Male 1806-1898
Lucy Ann Vernon
Female 1814-1894
Susan Tatham
Female abt 1840-1901
George Howell Tatham
Male abt 1843-abt 1843
Florence Maude Heaven
Female abt 1853-1947
Ellen Tatham
Female abt 1846-1928
Marion Tatham
Female abt 1847-abt 1849
Alice Mary Tatham
Female abt 1850-abt 1869
George Tatham
Male 1808-1890
Edward Tatham
Male 1811-1880
Catherine Agnew Brown
Female abt 1818-1904
Alfred Tatham
Male 1813-1878
Mary Cranfield Becher
Female abt 1802-1885
Thomas Tatham
Male 1762-1818
Susanna Shepherd
Female abt 1777-1856
Elizabeth Tatham
Female 1764-Infant
William Tatham
Male est 1765-est 1790
Juanita Tatham
Female 1876-1880
Aileen Tatham
Female 1878-1934
William James Holmes
Male abt 1863-1945
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Cautley Tatham
Male 1886-1915
Ethne Tatham
Female 1887-1972
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Ilona Tatham
Female 1890-1985
Wulfstan Tatham
Male 1895-1961
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Ethel Marion Pye
Female abt 1903-1964
Warwick Francis Tatham
Male 1810-abt 1811
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Edith Annie Rees
Female abt 1870-1933
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Alice Grace Rees
Female abt 1871-
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Walter Crawford Rees
Male abt 1844-1917
Mary Weller
Female 1843-abt 1904
Laura Ann Tatham
Female 1812-abt 1878
Walter Weguelin Rees
Male est 1807-1844
Richard Willis
Male abt 1821-1906
Albert Ward Tatham
Male abt 1815-bef 1847
John Tatham
Male 1768-1829
Mary Ann Jones
Female abt 1791-1850
Henry Tatham
Male 1770-1835
Mary Ann Williams
Female est 1777-1799
John Theodore Ford
Male abt 1882-1948
Gladys Margaret Tatham
Female 1885-abt 1975
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Ada Jackson
Female 1858-1939
Elsie Margaret Tatham
Female 1892-abt 1980
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Marjorie Tatham
Female 1896-abt 1973
George Alfred Lee Graham
Male abt 1889-abt 1967
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Zoë Heathcote Tatham
Female 1897-abt 1971
Geoffrey Montagu Lamb
Male 1890-abt 1928
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Brian Russell Knapp
Male abt 1900-abt 1966
Margaret Jackson
Female 1861-1938
Henry Tatham
Male 1804-1860
Elizabeth Smith
Female abt 1822-1902
Charles Tatham
Male 1805-1846
Eliza Philpot
Female abt 1814-1902
Mary Ann Tatham
Female 1806-1812
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John Ker
Male 1875-
Ellen Fitzgibbon
Female est 1880-
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Edith Emily Ker
Female 1877-1958
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Launcelot Ker
Male 1878-1960
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Ada Fielding
Female abt 1872-1956
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Emma Tatham
Female 1842-1915
Edith Tatham
Female 1844-1919
Kathleen Tatham
Female 1847-1916
Alberta Margaret Caton
Female abt 1889-1964
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Ponachi Amma
Female est 1885-1952
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George Clark
Male 1848-1914
Edward Tatham
Male 1856-1925
Joseph Tatham
Male 1808-1883
Ralph Tatham
Male 1812-1814
Ralph Tatham
Male 1815-1819
Elizabeth Tatham
Female 1817-1899
Mary Ann Tatham
Female 1817-1883
Sophia Charlotte Sim
Female 1849-abt 1927
Thomas Edward Sharp
Male abt 1850-abt 1875
Violet Hollamby
Female abt 1884-abt 1967
Henry David James Garnon
Male abt 1881-abt 1957
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Walter Ernest Hollamby
Male abt 1886-1948
Edna Edith May Dollwood
Female abt 1891-abt 1925
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Gertrude M Ward
Female abt 1893-abt 1941
Arthur Albert Wisby
Male abt 1888-abt 1952
Ernest James Hollamby
Male abt 1852-1931
Arthur Sim Pollard
Male abt 1875-abt 1949
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Geraldine Florence Pollard
Female abt 1877-abt 1955
Richard Charles Jones
Male abt 1868-abt 1928
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Thomas Edward Pollard
Male abt 1878-abt 1948
Mary Doris Gray
Female abt 1878-abt 1951
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Geraldine Sim
Female 1851-abt 1920
Arthur Pollard
Male 1849-1911
Gilbert Arthur H Sim
Male 1878-abt 1942
William Rowland Sim
Male 1880-abt 1923
Eliza Sarah Lashbrook
Female abt 1879-abt 1905
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Charles Gordon Sim
Male 1886-abt 1972
Ethel Harris
Female 1885-abt 1975
Sarah Woodley
Female abt 1853-1948
Arthur Meads Sim
Male abt 1856-abt 1877
John Charles Browne
Male abt 1880-1917
Florence Mary Carter
Female abt 1886-1916
Ernest Bradley Browne
Male 1882-abt 1953
Helen Cross
Female abt 1887-abt 1974
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Henry Arthur Browne
Male abt 1888-1918
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Florence Sim
Female abt 1859-1944
Richard Neil Sim
Male abt 1881-abt 1955
Olive Williams
Female est 1886-
George Gordon Gilbert Sim
Male abt 1884-abt 1915
Constance Maud Sim
Female abt 1888-abt 1891
Perceval Tatham Sim
Male abt 1892-abt 1928
Grace Mary Sim
Female abt 1892-abt 1923
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Richard Baker Sim
Male abt 1861-1911
Sophia Tatham
Female 1819-abt 1874
Arthur John Sim
Male 1821-abt 1866
Catherine Tatham
Female 1821-1834
Daisy Tatham
Female 1887-1962
Elsie Tatham
Female 1888-abt 1974
Faith Tatham
Female 1891-abt 1981
Ralph Tatham
Male 1857-1900
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Oliver Marks
Male 1866-1940
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Blanche Mary Murray
Female 1882-aft 1956
Alexander Murray
Male 1850-1910
Muriel Greswell
Female 1883-1959
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Edith Tatham
Female 1860-1913
Doris Kathleen Walters
Female 1894-abt 1967
Louisa Anna White
Female abt 1861-1953
Athol Tatham
Male 1862-1944
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Frederick Tatham
Male 1865-1906
Nellie Tatham
Female 1866-1956
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Ralph Tatham
Male 1822-1884
Mary Ann Kirkman
Female 1782-abt 1857
Caroline Tatham
Female 1803-1842
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Mary Helen Efner
Female est 1877-1901
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Janet Milligan
Female 1875-bef 1920
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Emily Wainwright
Female 1878-bef 1942
Augusta Tatham
Female abt 1874-1881
Herbert Tatham
Male 1838-1900